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We're helping our brokers win and retain more business. Here are some of our Aerospace underwriting “sweet spots”.

AIG Claims

Every policy we write is underpinned by the skill and expertise of claims handlers, here are some of the key capabilities and contacts for your Aerospace claims team.

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AIG Aerospace Differentiators


Second and third tier operations with excellent safety record.
Operators with advanced Risk Management framework.

Manufacturers & Airports

Non-critical component manufacturers, airside liability, refueling liability, airport owners and operators.

General Aviation

Aircraft Hull and General Aviation Passenger Liability as well as industrial aid and commercial rotor and fixed wing jets, including turbo prop fleets.

Client Risk Management Capabilities

We are able to provide external risk management and risk solutions to our key clients and partners.

Market Leading Experience

An experienced aviation insurer in the market.


Create long-term client relationships to provide solutions and products that are relevant for our insureds needs.


Expanded offerings, be it through new or increased coverages and multi-national solutions. 

Multinational Excellence

Coverage provided is worldwide (excluding territories sanctioned by OFAC or US/European sanctions).


With Aerospace claims expertise across North America, UK and Continental Europe, coupled with support from our local office claims network in over 50 countries, we’re able to provide our market leading expertise and excellence service standards to our clients, whilst utilising local support.

In the event of a claim, we will pro-actively handle and investigate the loss. We will confirm the coverage evaluation under the policy as soon as possible, and with our Aerospace Hull Claims Promise, we will pay* a minimum of 50% of a covered hull claim within 7 days of confirmation of coverage and subject to a signed release signed by all interest parties. 

Whether it be a hull or liability claim, we work closely with our clients and ensure there is clear and transparent communication and interaction throughout the life-cycle of the loss.

*Where legally permissible and subject to policy language.

Our UK Aerospace Leaders - dedicated to help

Mark Sperring

Head of Global Aerospace
+44 (0)7527 054316

Graham Allen

International Head of General Aviation
+44 (0)7843 803213

Paul Talbot

UK Head of Manufacturers and Airports
+44 (0) 7794 335912

Dan Boultwood

Underwriting Manager Airline & Deductible
+44 (0)7843 814566

Paris Riseborough

Senior Underwriter, Manufacturers & Airports
+44 (0)7566 763667

Calum Duncan

Senior Underwriter, Manufacturers & Airports
+44 (0)7725 497668

Rob Oakley

Senior Underwriter, General Aviation
+44 (0)7701 003946

Isabella Van Bardwick

Underwriter, Airline & Deductible
+44 (0)7729 076018


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