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Cyber Insurance

With decades of experience in the cyber insurance space, AIG’s cover and monitoring products help protect a business’s data and reputation.

Why Choose AIG for Cyber Insurance?

AIG has been a pioneer in cyber insurance since 1999, when we launched one of the industry’s first cyber security insurance protection programs. We’ve been helping clients navigate this rapidly growing area of risk ever since.

With AIG CyberEdge®, cover is tiered based on client needs. These can include risk mitigation, monitoring and guidance around the nuances of threats and how those threats might evolve. If an attack does occur, the AIG claims team has handled all types of cyber incidents – ransomware, business email compromise and breaches of personal information among them. From the moment a client suspects an attack, we deploy our experience and expertise to guide them through their options and minimise disruption to their business.


Trade on AIG eXtra & Acturis

For SME clients, brokers can also quote and bind CyberEdge online via our award-winning AIG eXtra platform and Acturis.

The AIG Advantage

AIG CyberEdge® Solutions

With businesses becoming more reliant on the use of data – and regulation around the handling of sensitive data continually evolving – the right kind of cyber insurance is vital. The AIG CyberEdge® end-to-end risk solution helps clients stay ahead of the curve with robust coverage and preventative insights.

CyberEdge 2019 Product Profile

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What's inside CyberEdge®

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CyberEdge® Policy Tour

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The first 24 hours are vital when responding to a cyber incident. AIG’s First Response service delivers best-in-class legal and IT forensics within one hour of ringing our hotline. Depending on the policy, the coordinated response is provided for 48 or 72 hours. 

This tried and tested service is an outstanding market differentiator for CyberEdge® and can be used whenever clients have (or suspect) a cyber incident, with no policy retention, without prejudicing policy coverage and without eroding the policy limits.

After a cyber-attack, organisations need a range of services to get their business back on track. CyberEdge®’s Event Management pays for Legal, IT, PR services, Credit and ID Monitoring in addition to Data Restoration and Breach Notification costs. When an event occurs, having the correct expertise on hand can result in dramatically improved outcomes – especially when underpinned by First Response.

Our Security and Privacy Liability module responds to third-party liabilities resulting from breaches of confidential information, security failure, failure to notify the regulator and breaches of PCI compliance. This is more important than ever in the wake of the GDPR.

It includes defence costs and insurable fines in relation to any regulator of Data Protection legislation – from the ICO to its equivalent across worldwide jurisdictions.

Ransomware is an increasingly prevalent cyber threat facing businesses. CyberEdge® covers an extensive range of specialist services to combat the use of ransomware for cyber extortion – from conducting investigations to validating a threat to containment, negotiations and payments.

Network Interruption provides coverage for the loss of income, mitigation expenses and forensic accountant costs associated with containing a cyber incident that interrupts business operations. This coverage extends to various cyber risks, including cyber-security breaches, system failures and voluntary shutdowns.

This module can be extended to include losses from security breaches or system failures at Outsourced Service Providers, like cloud providers or payment processors. Coverage starts from the moment the qualifying event occurs after the waiting period, offering protection from "hour zero," subject to any retention.

In today’s digital environment, it’s easier than ever to inadvertently infringe on trademarks, misappropriate creative material, or inadequately check facts. Our Digital Media coverage addresses these risks by protecting the cost of damages and defence related to breaches of third-party intellectual property or negligence of electronic content.

Businesses are prone to phone hacking, commonly known as PBX dial-through fraud, whereby attackers targeting telephone systems place calls to premium rate numbers. CyberEdge's Telephone Hacking coverage protects against charges resulting from unauthorised access and use of a business's telephone system, regardless of whether the hacking is initiated on or off their premises.

Fund transfer fraud is a type of computer crime where criminals leverage information from a cybersecurity breach and transfer funds from a financial account. With CyberEdge's Computer Crime extension, businesses are safeguarded against this type of fraudulent financial loss.

This coverage also protects against impersonation fraud, where clients receive emails that prompt them to incorrectly transfer funds or modify payment details.

A Criminal Reward Fund may be offered to those who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those attempting to commit illegal acts covered under a CyberEdge policy. This relates not only to hackers and cyber criminals, but includes rogue employees, thus rewarding vigilant staff members who identify and report suspicious behaviour.

Smart Cyber Insights*

Smart Proposal

By simply completing our smart proposal form our clients gain access to a summary report of their cyber risks. Binding a CyberEdge® policy entitles clients to a more detailed executive report which includes potential financial impacts on their organisations. 


Our smart cyber proposal also underpins our award winning CyberMatics technology. The CyberMatics dashboard delivers continuously updated cyber analytics including organisations’ cyber maturity, its ability to deal with new cyber threats and powerful forecasting capabilities to model the benefits of its existing and additional cyber controls. 

Our Cyber Leadership Team

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