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Crisis Solution

AIG provides holistic insurance and risk consultancy to protect businesses and individuals against a range of crises.

Why Choose AIG for Crisis Solution

AIG Crisis Solution combines insurance with consultancy to keep businesses and people safe. We cover all industry types along with high- and mid-net-worth individuals and families worldwide. Our expert adjusters handle a wide range of perils in our policies, including extortion, kidnap, detention, hijack, express kidnap, disappearance, and political repatriation. 

We also offer Risk Consultancy expertise to provide immediate support for our customers around the world. No matter the size of the business, family wealth or claim, a dedicated claims adjuster and a specialist response consultant will work to resolve the incident, lessen financial and reputational impact and minimise disruption.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Crisis Solution

Crisis Solutions Product

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Crisis Solutions What’s Inside 

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Our core Crisis Solution policy provides access to world class security response consultants and financial reimbursement for 8 principal perils: Extortion, Kidnap, Detention, Hijack, Express Kidnap, Disappearance, Political Repatriation and Threat.

Access to our world class security consultants Crisis24 to help resolve and mitigate an event:

  • World leading recruitment: experience professional working to the highest possible standards

  • Global operating model: consultants based strategically across 16 global locations

  • Flexible crisis deployment: up to four consultants deployed upon notification of an incident

  • Proven and tested expertise: established in 1990

In the event of an incident, covered costs include:

  • Ransom and ransom lost in transit

  • Legal liabilities

  • Personal accident benefits

  • Additional expenses: (including but not limited to) travel, medical and security expenses

Optional cover extensions include:

  • Business Interruption costs 

  • Assault incident involving a lethal weapon

  • Product extortion for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers

  • Stalking and persistent threats to personal safety

Crisis Complete is a bespoke product, developed through conversations with brokers and clients. It responds not only to actual events, but also to the likelihood or suspicion that an event may occur and, in this way, offers clients’ security teams extended capacity at critical moments. Crisis Complete service covers a wide range of crisis events and provides bespoke access to AIG’s in-house consultants and vast partnership network, allowing our clients to pro-actively and cost effectively outsource or enhance its security management.

Security Resilience is designed for smaller businesses. It is adaptable to circumstances and available as a stand-alone insurance, as a module alongside other insurance products or as part of a portfolio solution. It provides rapid access to class-leading crisis consultancy and supporting services for a broad range of threats that may impact a business, its employees, its brand and its reputation. 

AIG’s Maritime Piracy is designed for any ship owner or charterer. It can be arranged for single vessels or for fleets and can be purchased on an annual basis or for individual transits. It not only covers financial losses but also delivers world leading crisis management and security consultancy to support policyholders facing a piracy incident and to reduce the risks of suffering a piracy loss in the first place.

Organisations may need to move their people to ensure their safety in the face of natural catastrophes, conflicts, political violence, riots or health emergencies. AIG’s evacuation policy provides extraction management including: travel logistics advice and assistance, financial assistance, relocation support, intelligence and risk analysis support, liaison with external agencies. 

Making Risk Better

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Our Crisis Solution team

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