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Energy & Construction Insurance

AIG offers a substantial Energy & Construction insurance capacity with a truly global reach.

Why Choose AIG for Energy & Construction Insurance?

AIG has decades of experience and a deep understanding of the Energy & Construction industry. We bring innovative solutions, superior risk engineering, extensive multinational capabilities and responsive claims handling to our clients. Through our global network, our clients gain access to our expert teams who have dealt with a wide range of energy and construction exposures – both domestically and across multiple jurisdictions.

The AIG Advantage

The AIG Energy Claims Promise affirms that our dedicated team of claims experts will mobilise in rapid response to a covered event and, after coverage is confirmed, will advance our policyholders up to 50% of our share of the agreed estimate within 7 days, giving them the immediate working funds they need for damages, repairs, clean-up costs and extra expenses.

What does it cover?

  • Property damage/repairs
  • Clean-up costs
  • Extra expense/additional increased cost of working

The estimate is to be agreed between the policyholder, broker and the AIG representative, based upon reasonably available information. This payment is made on an unallocated basis.

AIG Energy & Construction Solutions

Our deep understanding of the Energy & Construction industry enables us to provide protections that are tailored to particular areas of operation – both globally and domestically.

AIG protects pharmaceutical and high hazard chemical operations of all sizes against complex property damage, business interruption and delay in start-up risks.

Our global network of underwriters, engineers and claims specialists provides expert, efficient service throughout the world. AIG’s market-leading capacity and technical expertise enables us to address the most complex needs of a range of specialty, commodity and fine chemical manufacturers and manufacturing, packaging and distribution pharmaceutical operations. 

AIG's Renewables team offers a specialized suite of insurance solutions tailored to pivotal occupancies within the renewable energy sector.

With extensive claims and engineering expertise, AIG provides quality risk management solutions and multinational captive fronting services. We underwrite construction through to operational risks, targeting those which are key to the energy industry’s transition to greener energy production. This includes Photovoltaic (PV) Solar, Onshore and Offshore Wind and Battery Energy Storage (BESS). 

AIG offers insurance solutions for both traditional and alternative energy power operations.

AIG has world-class underwriting, claims and engineering expertise in all areas of the energy industry. We’re one of the largest insurers of regulated and non-regulated utilities, merchant fleets, private equity portfolios, international power producers and national power companies in the world. We understand the unique property damage and business interruption risks particular to generating power, and relentlessly stay up-to-date on the latest technological advances for the benefit of our clients.

AIG Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals (O&P) Insurance protects against a range of complex and volatile risks including: onshore terminal storage, pipelines, gas plants, liquefied natural gas, and petrochemical plants.

AIG O&P insurance offers exceptional risk management, underwriting expertise and a dedicated claims team. With our significant international footprint and local market knowledge, we partner with our clients to provide property damage and business interruption coverage which is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

We address the complex risks associated with offshore and onshore exploration, production and contractor segments of the upstream energy industry.

AIG’s market-leading capacity and technical underwriting, multinational, claims and engineering expertise enable us to provide bespoke solutions to our clients around the world. This includes partnerships with many captive insurance companies to provide fronting and wrap around solutions.

AIG provides tailor-made solutions for hard and soft rock international and national mid-tier mining clients. 

With our depth and breadth of experience, we provide a level of technical leadership that’s vital to the energy industry. Multinational, claims and loss prevention expertise enable us to provide the innovative insurance solutions needed to protect clients against property damage, business interruption caused by a multitude of perils and natural catastrophes they face.

AIG provides robust property damage cover for buildings and infrastructure projects and major oil, gas, power, pharmaceutical and heavy industry processing plants. 

Our experienced underwriters and engineers provide exceptional service wherever operations take place. Our products may be tailored to include third party injury or physical damage cover as well as delay in start-up. We understand how crucial it is for companies to protect against risks during all phases of a project, including post construction operations and facilitate multiple product solutions to support clients through this transition.

Our Energy & Construction Leadership Team

View contact information for AIG UK’s Energy & Construction leaders.