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Your AIG Team

Your clients have risks that need the right level of coverage and our distribution and product teams are here to help you find the right solution.

Please find your AIG contact below

Kelly Hunter

Head of Client & Broker Engagement, UK

Kate Robinson

Broker Relationship Manager

Andrew Hales

Broker Relationship Manager

Richard Cahill

Broker Relationship Manager 

Stuart Samuels

Broker Relationship Manager

Nick du Rocher

Broker Relationship Manager

Vicki Harris

Broker Relationship Manager

Laura Lund

Head of UK Regions

Lizzie Horn

Regional Manager South

Andrew Kay

Regional Manager North

Paul Madden

Regional Manager – Scotland and Northern Ireland

Sarah Powell

Broker Relationship Manager UK Regions

Ian Cummings

Business Development Manager, Northern Ireland

James McCarthy

Business Development Manager, Midlands

Indu Leefe

Business Development Manager, Southwest

Phil Roe

Business Development Manager, North West

Will Darling

Business Development Manager, South Coast & London

Kelly Hunter

Head of Client & Broker Engagement, UK

Steve Liberda

Engaged Client Team Manager

Lee Brewer

Client Director, Business Development

David Cowell

Client Director

Mandy Sidhu

Client Director

Graeme Condie

Client Director

Claire O’Mahony

Client Director

Carmela Claydon

Client Executive

Dominique Nicholson

Development Client Executive

Claire Faulding

e-Trade Manager

Louis Ergun

e-Trade Business Development Manager, Southeast & London

Kathryn Dyde

e-Trade Business Development Manager, Midlands & Southwest

Martin Randall

e-Trade Business Development Manager, North

Laura Sneddon

e-Trade Business Development Manager, Scotland & N.I.

e-Trade Broker Service Centre

Ian Robinson

Head of Personal Lines UK

Ian Gadsdon

Head of Underwriting - UK Accident & Health

Ian McGregor

Head of Group Personal Accident, UK Regions

Georgina Boult

Group Manager Accident & Health, London

Salena Kirby

Group Personal Accident - Head of Portfolio & Facility Solutions

Ratiba Rhioui

Head of Personal Insurance Claims, UK

Mark Sperring

Head of Global Aerospace

Dan Boultwood

International Head Airline & Deductible

Graham Allen

International Head of General Aviation

Paul Talbot

UK Head of Manufacturers and Airports

Paris Riseborough

Senior Underwriter Airline & Deductible

Adam Spicer

Senior Underwriter Airline & Deductible

Calum Duncan

Senior Underwriter, Manufacturers & Airports

Rob Oakley

Senior Underwriter, General Aviation

Isabella Van Bardwick

Underwriter, Airline & Deductible

Ben Drew

Head of Aerospace Claims, UK

Joel Barker

Head of UK Casualty 

Chris Templeton

Head of Casualty – London

Ross McLeod

Head of Casualty - UK Regions

Karen Buggle

Chief Underwriting Officer UK Casualty

Gareth Russell

Head of UK Motor

Olivia Hogan

Head of Environmental UK

Simon Barnes

UK Energy & Construction

Scott Keane

UK Crisis Management

John Carr

Head of Casualty Claims, UK

Doug Askin

Head of Motor Casualty Claims, UK

Cesar Florez

Head of Crisis Solution UK & Latam

Katie McCole

Underwriting Portfolio Lead

Daniel Mobbs

Senior Underwriter

Andy Taylor-Preston

International Sales & Consultancy Lead

Stuart Webster

Major Loss Claims Adjuster

David Self–Pierson

Head of Financial Lines Claims, UK

Jon Gregory

UK Head of Cyber & Technology

Lydia Lambert

Senior Specialist Underwriter

Jack Eastwood

Senior Specialist Underwriter

Lee-Ann O'Donnell

Senior Specialist Underwriter (UK Regions)

Sian Picton

Senior Underwriter

David Self–Pierson

Head of Financial Lines Claims, UK

James Langdon

UK Head of Energy & Construction

Jonathan Ewington

UK Head of Upstream Energy

Peter Cranston

UK Power and Utilities Manager

Simon Morgan

UK Head of Mining

Christian Halm

UK Head of Oil & Petrochemicals

Paul Smith

UK Construction

John Whitbourn

UK Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Manager

Valeria Del Villano

International Head of Renewables

Phil Diver

Energy Risk Engineering

Adrian McAndrew

Head of Energy Claims, UK

Olivia Hogan

UK Environmental Line of Business Owner

Joanna Thomas

Senior Underwriter

Cassandra Phillips

Daniel Casey

Megan Sayes


Wilson Hull

Environmental Claims Adjuster

David Bartholomew

Major Accounts Manager

Simon Braunstein

Underwriting Officer, FI UK

David Self–Pierson

Head of Financial Lines Claims, UK

Carol Sheridan

London Team Leader

Paul Atherton

London Team Leader

John Gibson

UK Regions open market business

David Rogan

UK Regions open market business

David Self–Pierson

Head of Financial Lines Claims, UK

Koen van Leuven

Head of Marine - Talbot & AIG UK

Cameron Ross

Head of Transportation & Logistics

Paul Smith

Head of Marine Liability

Andrew Whitehouse

Head of Multinational & Retail Cargo

Will Smyth

Head of Marine Claims, UK

Alexander Kralchev

Marine Claims Express

Rory O’Broin

Head of M&A, UK

Alexander Harmer

M&A Manager, Emerging Market

Emma Lenné

Senior Underwriter, Nordics

Richard Penton

Senior Underwriter

Shannon Raimondi

Senior Underwriter

Tian Tang

Senior Underwriter

Will Gibson

Senior Underwriter

Fiona Lin


Jimena Lopez

Andre Decloedt

Legal Director, M&A Insurance

David Self–Pierson

Head of Financial Lines Claims, UK

Karen Jury

Head of Multinational, UK

Adrian Sykes

UK Head of Multinational Technical Team

Luke Sammons

Senior Multinational Client Executive & Transition Manager – Business Development

Ian Davies

Head of SME Package and Commercial Combined, UK

Craig Boardman

Head of Underwriting
SME Package and Commercial Combined, UK

Zoe Mortlock

SME Package Claims Lead, UK

Sumeet Berry

Global Head of Political Risk

Vivek Sinha

Global Head of Sovereign Credit

Oliver Lambert

Global Head of Portfolio Credit & Senior Advisor Structured Trade Finance

Sandeep Khare

Global Head of Project Finance

Sean Dunphy

Global Head of Political Risk Non-Credit (CEN)

Tim Brown

Head of Aviation Finance 

Adam Knowles

Head of Credit Lines Claims – UK & Europe

Stephen Ward

Head of UK Professions (London)

Jonathan Gregory

UK Head of Cyber & Technology

David Self–Pierson

Head of Financial Lines Claims, UK

Mitesh Patel

Head of UK Commercial Property

Tim Harris

London Market Manager

Emma Sadler

London Major Accounts Manager

Anna Cooper

International Wholesale Manager

David Slater

UK Middle Market

Chris Duggan

Head of Property - UK Regions

John Kelly

Head of Property Claims, UK / Property Technical Lead UK & EMEA

Sharon Giddings

Head of Trade Credit – UK & Global Head of Middle Market

Stephanie Green

Head of Middle Market

Adam Knowles

Head of Claims for Credit Lines - UK & Europe

Lauren Griffiths

Senior Underwriter, Strategic & Multinational

Ana Velandia Evan

Global Head of Trade Finance

Benjamin Toledano

Global Head of Structured Trade Finance

Larry Sesmer

Global Head of Open Account and Documentary Trade FinanceLarry Sesmer

Underwriting Hub - worldwide except Americas

Underwriting Hub - Americas