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Marine Insurance

AIG Marine Insurance provides extensive protection for portside operations and for goods in transit around the world, with bespoke programmes that cater to the specialised needs of maritime operations.

Why Choose AIG for Marine Insurance?

AIG’s marine industry professionals deeply understand the needs of our oceangoing and inland marine service clients – from small business to multinationals. With a Marine team spanning 75+ countries across our global network, we have a complete understanding of local laws, regulations and markets. This provides a unique international trade advantage and enables us to respond swiftly and effectively – whether establishing cover or dealing with losses. 


Trade on AIG eXtra & Acturis

For SME clients, brokers can also quote and bind Marine CargoGuard online via our award-winning AIG eXtra platform and Acturis.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Marine Solutions

Drawing on our deep industry expertise, our products are crafted to provide flexible solutions to address our clients' complex cover needs.

AIG’s Marine Cargo insurance offers cover for those moving goods across land, sea, or international borders — whether they’re the manufacturer, distributor, trader or retailer.

AIG Marine Cargo insurance covers goods in transit globally, helping to prevent supply chain disruptions that have adverse effects on customer loyalty, corporate reputation and cash flow.  We cover accidental physical loss and damage to cargo in transit, which can be extended to encompass storage risks outside of the ordinary course of transit.

Our product offering also covers third party liability for transportation and logistics companies for both standard trading conditions and bespoke contracts.

AIG’s Marine Liability insurance offers critical protection for a wide variety of portside operations. 

AIG delivers a versatile cover solution to address needs across the maritime spectrum. We provide broard and flexible cover for third party liability, property damage and personal injuries. Our solutions are also adjustable based on the true needs of our clients, which range from port owners and operators to shipyard and vessel owners and a variety of operations in between. Our global reach is an additional asset for businesses operating internationally and requiring multinational risk solutions. It enables us to combine local expertise with the exceptional quality and responsiveness of our international network for asset and reputational protection.

Our Marine Leadership Team

View contact information for AIG UK’s Marine leaders.