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TradEnable Xtra

TradEnableSM Xtra is our online trade credit limit management tool designed to set, manage and monitor customer credit limits using live sales ledger data.

Why Choose TradEnable Xtra?

AIG’s TradEnableSM Xtra is a transformative trade credit risk management tool that helps trade credit professionals assess ongoing customer credit risk. Designed to be used alongside an AIG trade credit insurance policy, TradEnableSM Xtra provides insured companies with credit limit certainty, simplified administration and reduced credit limit cost.

By taking inventory of all customer details, open and closed invoices, payments and credits, TradEnableSM Extra can help track the cost of late payments, provide real-time credit management dashboards and offer customer breakdowns by geography and sector. It ensures that credit decisions are based on the most-up-to-date information and include any subtle, yet crucial warning signs that might be buried deep in ledger data. 

The AIG Advantage

AIG TradEnable Xtra Solutions

Who are the riskiest or most delinquent customers? How much does it cost to trade on credit terms? Where is there over-trading? Which accounts are deteriorating? TradEnableSM Xtra can tell you. Here are three reasons to start talking about TradenableSM Xtra with your clients.

TradEnableSM Xtra helps companies take an even more focused approach to sales and bottom-line profitability. It can highlight the less risky accounts with available credit limit capacity and help companies manage:

  • credit limit administration by setting a greater proportion of customer credit limits on trading experience only.
  • credit delinquency by identifying those accounts that consistently pay late, and thereby allowing more targeted collections action or account contract renegotiation.
  • bad debts by identifying riskier accounts, identifying over-trading accounts and by using customer risk intelligence to manage deteriorating trading relationships.

Using its impressive ability to consistently process large amounts of customer related data, TradEnableSM Xtra’s built-in system of alerts and automated reporting might just provide that vital piece of customer risk intelligence that helps you successfully manage your way out of a deteriorating trading relationship before it’s too late.

The systematic inclusion of customer trading experiences in credit limit management means credit decisions are based on the most up-to-date information available, including easily overlooked key warning signs buried deep in ledger data. TradEnableSM Xtra’s ability to process customer ledger data from multiple sources enables a consolidated view of aggregated customer risk across different subsidiaries, product lines or ledger systems.

3 reasons to start talking about TradEnableSM Xtra

Take an even more focused approach to sales and bottom-line profitability

How to get started

TradEnableSM Xtra works by the policyholder uploading a regular excel file of customer trading history from their accounting software. It then uses this data to establish trading experience-based credit limits.

Trading experience directly influences the value of customer credit limits, so expect higher credit limits on strong customers who pay promptly and lower credit limits on more delinquent customers.

Uploading a regular file of data from accounting software is easy and our platform matches buyers to a DUNS number. It also establishes accurate trading experience limits and identifies overdue accounts. It will calculate the cost of carrying delinquent customers and will automate any overdue reporting required to comply with AIG Trade Credit policy terms.

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