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Aerospace Insurance

AIG’s innovative Aerospace Insurance minimises risk and maximises safety for Airline & Deductible, Manufacturers & Airports and General Aviation clients.

Why Choose AIG for Aerospace Insurance?

With the evolving aviation environment creating challenges around regulatory compliance, safety and operational risk, the need for robust aerospace insurance has never been greater. AIG insures many of the world’s major airlines, airports and manufacturers, backed by decades of experience handling complex and highly sensitive aerospace claims. Protecting our clients’ name, reputation and their customer base is our focus, working efficiently and discreetly with local support from our global team.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Aerospace Solutions

Drawing on our deep industry expertise, our products are crafted to provide flexible solutions to address our clients' complex cover needs.

AIG insures many of the world’s major airline operators, offering expert solutions that address a wide range of aviation-related risks.

AIG Airline & Deductible Insurance helps international flag and low-cost carriers as well as domestic, regional, cargo operations and single aircraft operations. Our cover includes aircraft and hull physical loss or damage, spares, passenger baggage liability as well as third party and cargo legal liability, helping to minimise the financial impact of a loss and maintain operational stability. 

AIG provides crucial third-party legal liability cover for airframe, engine and component manufacturers, air traffic control providers, airport operators, ground handlers, and more.

A minor fault in just one component part supplied or service provided to the aviation industry can cause catastrophic results and potentially incur unforeseen legal liabilities for those responsible. AIG helps protect manufacturer and airport clients against the new and emerging risks they face.

AIG insures many types of aircraft, from jet and turbo propelled to the largest wide-bodied corporate plans, delivering best-in-class service backed by decades of experience.

These products cater to the needs of corporate aircraft owners, onshore and offshore helicopter operators, industrial fleets and commercial aircraft operations. Our cover includes protection against aircraft hull damage, third-party liability, property damage and legal expenses and provides personal and proactive support to help businesses get back in the air.

Our Aerospace Leadership Team

View contact information for AIG UK’s Aerospace leaders.