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AIG Global Trade Series 2020

The Complex Interplay of Factors Shaping the Global Trade System

How will globalization change?

Navigating the deglobalized “new normal” post COVID-19

As economies revive, is a surge in protectionism inevitable?

The impact of protectionism on the global trade landscape

Digital Trade: one of the winners?

What can we expect for the digital economy after COVID-19?

What is the outlook for regional trade integration in Africa?

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement is a major step for Africa’s role in international trade

The US, China and the EU: the great decoupling?

What must be done to stop trade becoming a weapon in a 3-way geopolitical stand-off?

‘The Slow Death of Multilateralism'

Can the WTO and G20 do anything about it?

Europe’s Evolving Trade Agenda

Europe’s response to Covid-19 and the pandemic’s impact on the EU trade agenda

Prospects for a UK-US Trade Deal

Where does Brexit leave the UK-US Trade Deal?