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Lifeline Plus HR Manager Hub

Support for HR/Benefit Managers at organisations with a AIG Group Personal Accident & Business Travel policy.

Bringing your AIG Lifeline Plus policy to life

AIG wants to make it easy for you to inform your people about the tools, resources and benefits available under a Lifeline Plus policy. From pre-written emails through to office posters, we’ve assembled helpful templates that will assist you in bringing your Lifeline Plus policy to life. After all, since you’ve purchased a Lifeline Plus policy you might as well make full use of it.

Please revisit this website on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest version of available documents. All of the emergency and assistance services described are subject to the policy cover. Please refer to your policy wording for full details of benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions. All telephone calls may be recorded for training or quality monitoring purposes.

If your employees need to know one thing, it’s our medical and travel emergency telephone number: 

Telephone-icon+44 (0)1273 552 922.

Our assistance cards, travel app and website display this number prominently. Helping you to get this number into the hands of your people is one of our main goals.


High-level summary information that details the key information travellers need to know before they go abroad.

AIG Travel Assistance App

The app is the primary resource we recommend individuals download, either to their work or personal phone (or both). The app is a crucial tool to ensure your people have access to information and assistance when and where they need it.

AIG Travel Assistance App [PDF]

Travel assistance website

Our assistance website ( is the perfect accompaniment to the app, and they share many of the same features. Before travelling abroad, we recommend employees take the time to visit the site and find out about the risks they may face.

Virtual Medical Care provides round the clock access to UK GP's consultations for virtual medical advice, prescriptions or specialist referrals. It also offers an Expert Case Management service for a second medical opinion on an existing diagnosis or treatment plan.

Virtual Medical Care is a third-party service provided by Teladoc Health UK. It is a service provided with AIG’s Lifeline Plus insurance. AIG does not give medical advice.

Every organisation is different and how you communicate with your staff will depend on your internal communication policies. However, we’ve compiled a basic six step guide to help you start thinking about communication methods.

Content that can be hosted on your organisation’s intranet page, making it easy for your people to find the information they need.

Pre-written emails that can be customised and sent to your employees on a periodic basis, informing or reminding them about the resources they have access to.

Posters that can be download, printed and placed in your kitchen areas, printing stations or breakout spaces.