If you would like to make a claim, simply click here to download a claim form and send it to Accident & Health Claims Department, The AIG Building, 2-8 Altyre Road, Croydon CR9 2LG.

Please fully complete Part A of the claim form (page 1), as well as Part's C and D (pages 3 and 4). Once these have been completed please arrange for Part B of the claim form (page 2) to be completed by either your treating consultant or GP. Alternatively, if you have hospital discharge paperwork for claims relating to hospital stays, fractures, or surgical procedures, which confirms the information requested on page 2, please send this with your claim form. You will not need your doctor to complete this section in this situation.

For claims in respect of hospital stays only, please send us the hospital discharge paperwork confirming the details of your stay either by post or email quoting your policy number. You will not need to complete a claim form in this instance.

Your schedule and policy document provides you with full details of the benefits, conditions, and limitations under your plan - replacement copies are available upon request.

You can also identify the type of policy you hold by checking the first character in your policy number. The policy number consists of 13 characters, for example P123 ABCD 12345. 

     First character of your policy number                   Product                                         Description                                  
1 to 9, A to D and N Hospital Cash Plan Provides cover for each 24 hour period spent as an in-patient in Acute Hospitals.
K Cancer Care Plan Pays a cash sum in respect of the first diagnosis of the cancers covered by the policy.
P Disabling Injuries Protection Plan Provides cover for specified fractures, permanent disablement, and death due to an accident.
R Accidental Death Plan Pays out a cash sum to your estate if you die as a result of an accident within 12 months.

For more information, samples of the policy documents can be viewed here - please note that benefit levels may vary dependent on the level of cover chosen. If you have any questions or if your product is not shown, please call our Customer Services Team on 020 8662 8184 and they can answer your query.

No, it is not, we will assess any claim request made by you if we can still access the necessary medical information. Simply download a claim form and send it to us with any supporting documentation. Our claims payments will be based on the incident date, so any benefits paid for accidents, cancer or hospitalisation in the past will be based upon the policy terms in force on that date.

In all circumstances we would require either a signed Letter of Authority from the Insured or Power of Attorney (where applicable). This can be sent by email as a pdf or scanned copy attachment to or send a certified copy in the post to the Accident & Health Claims Department, The AIG Building, 2-8 Altyre Road, Croydon, CR9 2LG. Please quote the claim reference number in all correspondence. If you require the certified copy of the Power of Attorney to be returned, please notify us of this. 

Cancer Care Plan

Before changing the products, we reviewed all our claims data to ensure we delivered a product that would be better for our customers. The new benefit is £10,000 on diagnosis which is more than three times the previous minimum benefit. This is designed to incorporate all the additional benefits that used to be payable without you having to submit further claims. In addition, we have added extra cover for skin cancer and carcinoma in situ which were not previously covered; all at no additional premium.

If you don't make a claim on your policy, we will award you a continuity benefit. So, if you need to make a claim in the future the amount paid will be increased by up to 25%.

Your policy will not be automatically cancelled after a claim; however, you would not be insured if you suffered from a second cancer, which was in any way related to the first.

Disabling Injury and Accidental Death

We are trying to simplify our documentation by making the policy sections clearer so some of the wording has been moved into more relevant places. For example, injuries caused by illness or which are self-inflicted are still excluded. This can now be found in the definition of an accident rather than what is not covered section. This is not a change to your policy.

For clarity, we show the minimum amount payable in your schedule. This amount will be increased in certain circumstances, for example if you are travelling on public transport as a fare paying passenger, it will be doubled, and it can also be increased further by the no claims benefit.

The amounts will be 1/3 lower for those over 75 and subject to a set maximum amount. For those under 18 years of age the benefit will be halved. 

This is a standard term within many accidental injuries policies across the UK.

In order to provide the best possible service for customers, we have introduced proportional benefits.

This means we will be able to offer a percentage of the benefits listed in your schedule of benefits if you suffer a permanent disability which is not a 100% loss. For example, if you lost the use of two fingers in an accident, you would now receive a percentage of the four finger injury benefit. What's more, we have now also included a non-specified injury benefit which means that permanent disabilities which are not specifically listed in the schedule can be now considered.

Yes - in 2008 we added a £10,000 Accidental Death Benefit to your Disabling Injuries Protection Plan free of charge. This is now included on your schedule of benefits.

Hospital Cash Plan

We are trying to simplify our documentation by relabeling some of the policy sections and moved some of the wording into more relevant places. For example, some of the hospital wards previously located in the exclusions are now listed within the definition of a Hospital. This has no impact on the cover that we provide, in fact a wider range of wards are now included within the definition than previously.

If you purchased a hospital policy from us the policy is now covered under our generic 'Hospital Cash Plan' policy document. The main change to the product is the introduction of a minimum payment, of £20, even if you are in hospital for just one 24-hour period. For simplicity, we have not included the many older policy documents on this site. However, if you need another copy of your documents, please contact us and we can send you a replacement.