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What is it? How does it spread? What's Best Practice to defend against it?

CyberEdge Cyber Liability

Comprehensive cyber insurance to protect clients from one of the most volatile risks facing businesses today.

Cyber is now a key risk for all businesses, with computer systems essential for revenue generation.  Downtime of customer facing or backend systems can hugely impact operations while intensifying regulation means tougher notification requirements after an incident and more scrutiny of how incidents are handled, raising the stakes for all businesses. 

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Click through policy wording for “plain English” summaries and explanations of changes and features.

Product Features

Fast, expert, retention-free response

Expert IT and legal response – with no retention for 48 or 72 hours.
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Cyber Loss Control Services

Complimentary services, to strengthen business’s lines of cyber defense: View summary sheet for CyberEdge clients with over £5,000 premium and summary sheet for CyberEdge clients with over £900 premium.

Video cover summary library

The full range of CyberEdge cover modules explained in our library of short movie summaries.

What's Inside?

Explore all the cyber covers, protection services and claims capabilities inside in CyberEdge.

Who is this for?

We have a wide appetite for CyberEdge: from SMEs to multinationals across all industry sectors and geographies.

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Getting started

The starting point is our Smart cyber proposal.  Simply submitting the form entitles the business to a summary report of its cyber posture. A much more detailed analysis is provided if the business purchases a CyberEdge policy.

Smart Cyber Application & Exposure Insights

Our Smart proposal form helps businesses benchmark their cyber exposures, see the short movie or view a summary sheet.

Sample Reports

View samples of the summary report for completing the proposal form and the executive report for binding a policy.


Sample Summarized Report 

Sample Executive Report


Our smart cyber proposal also underpins our award winning CyberMatics technology.  The CyberMatics dashboard delivers continuously updated cyber analytics including their organisation’s cyber maturity, its ability to deal with new cyber threats, the potential financial impacts of different kinds of cyber-attack and powerful forecasting capabilities to model the benefits of its existing and additional cyber controls. CyberMatics is free to eligible CyberEdge clients. 

CyberMatics quick movie summary

Award-winning cybersecurity insights and analytics - watch the 2 minute movie.

CyberMatics Playbook

A useful guide to the CyberMatics features and benefits.

Cyber claims excellence - worldwide

Cyber risk is a potent cross-border threat.  Our outstanding cyber experience and global footprint means we are able to issue cyber policies in 60 countries throughout the world to support multinational and international businesses.

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