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New from November 2020

We’re continuing to make AIG eXtra better, smarter and faster - see the details in our Enhancements User Guide.

Product Features and Benefits

New product features, product benefits and insurer information in text and video format to highlight key aspects quickly and inform your sales conversations with clients.

Export Claims to your own spreadsheets

Now you can export details of your clients’ Travel and Accident, CargoGuard and Retailers claims directly to your own device as a spreadsheet for your own analysis and presentation.

New from July 2020

Claims experience for A&H and CargoGuard policies

Now you can quickly see a summary of open and closed claims for A&H and CargoGuard policies: the type of claim, date of loss, any payments made and the amount of any outstanding reserves.

Quick requote

It is much faster to generate pricing options.  Skip quickly to amend limits, coverages etc, and then “Quick Requote” takes you directly to the new quotation summary along with the newly generated quotation and policy documents.

Companies House Look-Up

Integration with the Companies House database means you can quickly search for the company name, select on the drop-down menu and available details (eg company number, address) are automatically dropped into eXtra.

New from February 2020

Improved search functionality

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to locate a file, so we’ve expanded our search options to make finding your client, quote or policy record easier.

Tablet friendly responsive design

Business isn’t exclusively done from behind a desk, so we’ve made AIG eXtra portable. You can now generate quotes and bind business when you’re out of the office, face to face with clients, through our new interface optimised for tablets.

A refreshed look and feel

Next time you login you’ll likely notice that AIG eXtra has undergone a facelift. Improving the styling and design of our platform doesn’t just look good, it makes the platform more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Important information front and centre

Too often important information is placed at the bottom of the page. We’ve improved the layout of our pages, bringing important information to the top, making it quicker to understand quotes/renewals/MTAs and the optional extensions available to your clients. We’ve also introduced a new recent activity section where you can quickly jump back to what you were working on.

Making client management easier

A business revolves around its customers, so we’ve made managing your clients on AIG eXtra simpler. This includes changes to how you can access a client summary page and edit their details. We’ve also introduced a duplicate contact check to ensure you’re not entering the same client’s details twice.

New levels of detail and information

We’ve redesigned our policy summary page and introduced clearer notifications to ensure you have the latest information in front of you. We’ve also introduced a policy history section to allow you to quickly refer to changes made to a policy over time. You can also place notes against a client, quote or policy for your own reference. In addition, we’ve made it easier to contact us for quote or renewal queries.

Editing Term Dates

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to quickly edit a quote’s effective dates without going back to the first risk capture page, saving you time and making it simpler to update quotes when you need to.

Keeping track of quotes

We haven’t just made finding an existing quote quicker, we’ve made it easier to create and keep track of multiple quote versions for the same client. This allows you to adjust limits and other details to determine the impact on premiums.

Putting the power in your hands

Rather than requesting changes via email to AIG, admin users within your brokerage now have the ability to add, delete or modify user settings for your organisation. Just another way we’re reducing administration and improving efficiency.

Read only risk review

Sometimes you may want to go back and review information without resubmitting a risk. With our read only risk review, you can quickly review risk capture screens without the danger of inadvertently changing the risk or retriggering already cleared referrals. However, you can still quickly update information on any page if required.