Oil & Gas Protect

Oil & Gas Protect allows you to combine the key covers of Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Product Liability and tailor them to meet the needs of your business.

Oil & Gas Protect combines a market-leading product, with swift and informed underwriting response, risk management solutions and local expert claims handling. This is all underpinned by our proven expertise and longevity serving the Oil & Gas sector.

Product Details

Oil & Gas Protect provides a broad form definition of Employee that includes One Man Limited (OML) contractors. Use of OMLs has long been a staple feature of the industry’s diverse and complementary workforce. We recognise that the allocation of liability that exists within the Industry Mutual Hold Harmless deed (IMHH) can create a distinct relationship between our Policyholder and the OML’s they engage. Furthermore, we understand this relationship may require a particular level of Indemnity in favour of the end client from your policy cover. 


Our Employers Liability policy can accommodate a variety of roles, from the drill deck to the control room.  Our definition of Offshore Activity has been clarified and now includes FPSOs. We provide significant limit capability; from EL Indemnity through to Employee Related Accident Benefits – where we are providing more meaningful awards for accidents that have the most impact in the sector. 

Our Oil & Gas Protect policy provides a Contractual Liability extension comprising a Waiver of Subrogation where required in Contract. We have specifically defined our Contractual Liability Extension to remove any ambiguity. As ‘standard’ Contracts are a thing of the past, we have removed references to them. Our cover now includes any required named Indemnitees, Indemnity to Principal, and Named Additional Insured status. 

We understand the risks the sector faces today and the challenges it will face in the future. This is why we have re-examined our Policy Cover and introduced enhanced limits and cover, creating a compelling bespoke Oil & Gas wording.

Oil & Gas Protect


Oil & Gas Protect provides any combination of Employers Liability, Public Liability & Products Liability tailored to the needs of the business. This wide policy cover includes: 

  • Employee Related Accident Benefits (ERAB)
  • Broad definition of injury
  • Advice design service & specification cover for injury or damage
  • Indemnity to Principal and Named Additional Insured Status
  • Products unknowingly sold to USA.
  • In addition to the enhanced policy cover, our clients also receive complementary services designed to help mitigate the risks presented by the industry.
  • We realise our business clients are as individual as the people who work within them, and we will continue to tailor cover to suit the particular circumstances presented.

Who is it for?

Suitable for UK businesses of all sizes operating in, or supplying to, the Oil & Gas sector. This includes businesses with multinational exposures, providing the reassurance and convenience of worldwide territorial coverage, unless a country or region is excluded.

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How can we help?

Knowing you have a team of experts across the UK, who understand your complex risks and can help you face them with confidence is more important now than ever before. 

Each AIG team member is fully committed, using their experience and expertise to assist you in protecting assets and maintaining business continuity.


Risk Consulting

Our dedicated Casualty Risk Consulting unit within our team is focused on the development and delivery of a range of alternative programme solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

AIG’s Principal Risk Consultants are based in Scotland and have almost 30 years’ experience of dealing with Oil & Gas clients. This, backed by access to our global consulting network, supports our engagement with established and emerging operators with activities in the North Sea. This gives a flexible and insightful approach that is valued by Oil & Gas sector clients.  

Engagement opportunities are tailored to suit individual client needs and can include:

  • Liability loss control site audits, using bespoke models if necessary, to validate standards and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Emergency / post-loss risk management support.
  • Risk Management benchmarking across multi-site operations.
  • Claims Defensibility engagements.
  • Contract risk management workshops to ensure awareness and understanding of emerging legal issues.
  • Risk Reviews of new or emerging technologies to support the underwriting process.
  • Pre-cover client engagements to support accurate risk based underwriting.

Clients also have access to the AIG-funded RoSPA accredited e-learning platform, Human Focus.


Our London multinational team of around 65 dedicated specialists from over various countries has multilingual capabilities in over 20 languages and works is working closely with the underwriters to service multinational programs. In addition, Our global network of strong and well-established AIG local offices and top-tier global network partners means we can issue policies and service multinational clients across the globe.

Using our specialized global fronting capabilities in Multinational, Alternative Risk transfer and Captive solutions, we work with clients and brokers to produce bespoke multinational solutions. This allows our broker partners to respond to a wide range of multinational opportunities across all lines, sizes, sectors, and geographies worldwide.

Our network of AIG local offices and our Network Partners means we can issue policies and service multinational clients in 215 jurisdictions. With AIG offices in Norway, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait and strong ties with partners in other OPEC member countries, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, we are well-placed to meet the complex needs of our Oil & Gas clients.

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