Liability Protect

Provides any combination of Employers’ Liability, Public Liability & Products Liability insurance and is suitable for UK businesses of all sizes & across most sectors. 

Our Liability Protect provides any combination of Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Products Liability insurance tailored for your business’ needs. You’ll also receive our complimentary services that help mitigate your risks.

Who is it for?

UK domiciled businesses of all sizes and industrial sectors including multinationals.

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Product Details

Broadened coverage in several areas of Liability Protect is based on our analysis of market liability wordings and feedback from brokers and clients. We also go beyond liability insurance, offering a range of valuable additional covers and services such as product recall, environmental clean-up costs, crisis containment and cyber liability.

In addition, we provide a tailored advisory service from our expert consultants, from developing and reviewing safety programmes, employee and management training to best practice assessments all designed to reduce risk and prevent claims.

Target Market

  • A wide underwriting appetite for companies with a strong risk management culture, demonstrated through their loss history. 

Liability Protect

Employers' Liability

Legal Costs in addition to limit of indemnity

Criminal Legal Expenses £5m aggregate limit in addition to limit of indemnity

TUPE given as standard

Wide definition of employee

Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation at no extra premium cost

Health and Safety loss control

eLearning RoSPA accredited health and safety training

Serious Accident Response Service


Employment Related Accident Benefits (ERAB) included as standard when Employers' Liability purchased

Public/Products Liability

£5m aggregate legal costs in respect to Corporate Manslaughter in addition to the limit of indemnity

Wide cover as standard, including:


Advertising liability

Blanket vendors liability

Member to member liability

Advice, design service and specification cover provided if resulting in injury or damage


Products unknowingly sold to the US included

Beyond Liability Insurance

Product Recall

£50,000 limit for government recall, product defect or malicious product tampering (included if Products Liability purchased)

Environmental Clean Up Costs

£2 million limit (included if Public Liability purchased)

Crisis Containment

Up to £150,000 for professional crisis communications expertise (included if Employers' Liability or Public/Products Liability purchased)

Cyber Liability

Defence Costs & Data Protection Fines in connection with a Regulatory Investigation; Cyber Legal Liability in respect of a Breach of Confidential Information or a Security Failure. (optional module)

Affirmative Cyber

As a result of AIG’s commitment to the Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) investigation into “silent cyber”, AIG policy wordings and endorsements have been updated to ensure that there is no doubt how our coverage would respond in respect of a cyber event; injecting clarity and providing peace of mind.

Affirmative cover is now provided in respect of physical Bodily Injury and tangible Property Damage arising out of, based upon or attributable to or in any way involving, directly or indirectly a cyber event.

In addition to this, there will be no doubt how your policy will respond in the event of a data breach which may lead to claims arising in respect of your legal liability in respect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Why is this important?

  1. Affirmative cyber enables you to understand how your insurance policies will respond to a cyber event
  2. Affirmative cyber enables you to build insurance into your cyber risk management planning 
  3.  Affirmative cyber enables AIG to measure and understand the accumulation of our cyber risks and provide the right cover to support your business in this changing world.

How can we help?

Knowing you have a team of experts across the UK, who understand your complex risks and can help you face them with confidence is more important now than ever before. 

Each AIG team member is fully committed, using their experience and expertise to assist you in protecting assets and maintaining business continuity.


Risk Consulting

Our dedicated Casualty Risk Consulting unit is focused on the developing and delivering of a range of alternative programme solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Tailored advisory services from our expert casualty consultants throughout the UK include developing and reviewing safety programmes, employee and management training, as well as best practice assessments.

  • eLearning Health & Safety Training System

Access to a Health & Safety eLearning system for staff enables clients to demonstrate health and safety compliance.

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Our London multinational team of around 65 dedicated specialists from over various countries has multilingual capabilities in over 20 languages and works is working closely with the underwriters to service multinational programs. In addition, Our global network of strong and well-established AIG local offices and top-tier global network partners means we can issue policies and service multinational clients across the globe.

Using our specialized global fronting capabilities in Multinational, Alternative Risk transfer and Captive solutions, we work with clients and brokers to produce bespoke multinational solutions. This allows our broker partners to respond to a wide range of multinational opportunities across all lines, sizes, sectors, and geographies worldwide.

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Accident and Disease workshops

Attendance at Accident and Disease workshops which cover a range of topics run by our in-house teams. These provide clients with greater insight into how workplace accident and diseases occur and how to manage cases and claims from notification through to settlement.

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