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Our insurance policies are bought by airframe, engine and component manufacturers, air traffic control providers, local and major airport operators, ground handlers, security providers and the service companies working at airports. 

As the complexity of aircraft continues to increase, so do the number of component part manufacturers. Our insurance provides a cost-effective way of protecting the manufacturers’ balance sheet in a litigious world.

Each development in manufacturing presents new exposures to the overhaul facility. We specialise in insuring repair and overhaulers of fixed wing non-airline aircraft.

Every airport is a unique risk. An enormous range of liability exposures comes together at an airport, and there are many independent organisations that contribute to its successful operation.

We’re also keeping on top of new and emerging risks. The move to internet based technology means increased vulnerability to cyber attack or loss for all systems -  including air traffic control. Our CyberEdge product offers specific protection for these risks.

We also offer environmental impairment liability insurance to address a wide range of potential pollution exposures faced by both airport owners & operators.

Who is this for?

Airframe, engine and component manufacturers, air traffic control providers, airport operators, ground handlers, security providers, airport service companies. 


Product Liability

Legal liability of manufacturers of airframes and engines as well as suppliers of minor components.

Grounding and working parties liability.

Hull and liability cover for the aircraft component parts in their care and custody.

Airport Owners and Operators Liability

We design programmes to protect the individual airport operator’s specific risk.

The operator’s responsibilities may be limited to the premises exposure or it may cover every aspect of the operation.

Other covers

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facilities: We cover the facility’s premises, hangar keepers and products exposures either individually or in one all-encompassing policy.

Service Providers: All policies include third party liability arising from the use of motor vehicles whilst airside.

Additional Cover Available


  • Bespoke products tailored for air navigation providers and for airport operators
  • Business interruption cover in the event of the inability to access critical systems due to a cyber breach
  • Reconstruction and reconstitution of damaged databases and software packages
  • Notification and monitoring services in the event of a unauthorised disclosure of traveller information
  • PR advice and management from a specialist law firm
  • Specialist security services 

Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL)

  • EIL insurance that responds in the event of either gradual pollution or a sudden incident and for 1st Party Losses
  • Specific pollution liability for contracting
  • Coverage options to suit need of the client including bulk storage and historic pollution coverage
  • Dedicated EIL claims team utilising specialist environmental consultancies and services

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