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AIG & Broker Insights

AIG is excited to work with Broker Insights to develop stronger relationships with UK brokers and deliver greater trading efficiencies. In the UK, AIG offers a range of commercial insurance products for SME and mid-market businesses across e-trade, open market and facilities distribution channels. The links below will take you to sections of our website to learn more about our risk solutions. 

Risk Appetite: Winning with AIG

AIG has a clear risk appetite, claims proposition and value proposition for each product line. Explore our risk solutions to identify which products may suit the needs of your clients. 

e-Trade: Trade on AIG eXtra & Acturis

AIG offers a multi-award-winning, top-rated e-trading experience for insurance brokers. With nine leading-edge products available to trade on AIG eXtra and the Acturis platform, we offer full-cycle e-trading backed by expert support. 

Corporate Protect: Property & Liability Insurance

Corporate Protect is a single modular policy wording combining Property and Liability cover specifically tailored to the needs of UK businesses across a wide range of industry groups with turnovers typically above £50m.

Contact Us

AIG's Regions business is dedicated to writing UK business for UK brokers. Talk to your local AIG Regions Distribution or Underwriting representative for more information about trading with AIG. 

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