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Welcome to the Claims Centre

The claims operation that underpins every AIG insurance policy is one of our greatest strengths.
We pride ourselves on the skills and expertise of our claims teams and on their imaginative approach to the development and delivery of claims services. We know that when our customers experience a loss, it's not just about insurance. Effective claim support is often more than simply writing a cheque - it's about working with the customer to identify the best solution in a timely manner.

Our customers have entrusted their risks to us and it’s a responsibility we shoulder proudly. 


Claims Charter

Our claims department is highly skilled and very accessible. We can offer help and advice to our customers not just after a loss, but before a loss as well.


Claims at AIG in the UK

In 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Justice, Lord Justice Jackson was asked to conduct a wide ranging review into civil costs and make recommendations in order to promote access to justice at proportionate cost.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of our claims teams and their ability to deliver service that our clients expect and can rely upon. Our Claims Account Relationship Team helps AIG to stay close to our commercial clients.

The team facilitates action, provides advice and assistance to ensure that our clients receive the comprehensive claims service offered by AIG.

Their main roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Work with our claims teams across all lines and regions
  • Global network, to ensure consistency of service
  • Act as a conduit between AIG companies, clients and brokers
  • Maintain open communication with clients and brokers throughout the year
  • Develop and execute bespoke account claims strategy for major clients 
  • Provide claims focal point for clients and brokers 
  • Address and resolve claims servicing issues

Beyond this, the Claims Account Relationship Team also takes a lead in implementing new AIG-wide strategic claims service programmes. All are senior claims professionals with many years experience; simply among our most capable personnel. With no assigned claims caseload, they are free to focus on client service delivery and ensuring that this culture is continually instilled into AIG's technical and day-to-day claims operations.

If your question relates to a specific current claim, please contact your assigned claim adjuster using the details confirmed to you as part of the first notice of loss process.

If you have a more general claims related query or need help in submitting claims to AIG please contact the Claims Account Relationship team.

For queries relating to a specific product line, please email

How AIG’s investment will work for you

Working with claims specialists with real expertise

The introduction of three centres of excellence for claims will enable us to deepen our claims specialists’ expertise by product line. For each claim you will be assigned a dedicated claims specialist with expertise in the appropriate product line and claim severity. The centres of excellence cover:

Express claims – claims that can be adjudicated quickly with a fast settlement.
Complex claims – claims that have investigation needs, to ensure we can pay what we owe as soon as we can.
Major Loss claims – our largest, high profile and most technically challenging claims.

We have already launched the Major Loss centre of excellence across the majority of countries in Europe and we have also launched the Complex and Express centres of excellence for the UK and Ireland.  In Major Loss we are already benefiting from adjusters who are able to apply their expertise to claims across Europe, rather than solely within their own country. Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain are working towards joining the Complex and Express  centres of excellence this year, and we’re aiming for other countries to join next year.*  

* Excluding France and Germany due to ongoing consultation requirements. Some changes are also subject to employee consultation and regulatory requirements in some countries.

Getting your claim to the right expert faster

We’ve established dedicated First Notice of Loss teams in the UK and Ireland, and we expect to extend this approach for Europe where possible, to help your claims get to the right expert faster. These teams will ensure you know which centre of excellence will be managing your claim and will provide contact details for the specialist adjuster assigned to your claim.

A Claims team that has more time to work with you

We're adding more claims specialists to our team and taking away some of the administration from their role. This will create more time for our adjusters to work with you on stronger, more proactive partnerships to settle larger and more complex claims, and provide a faster service on more straightforward claims.

A proactive service supported by claims data 

We’ve also been investing in technology to help our claims specialists provide a more proactive service through a bespoke claims management system called OneClaim. This system is already live in the UK and Ireland for all Commercial product lines, with plans for Consumer lines to go live later this year. As well as helping our claims specialists provide an enhanced service, the system will also, in the long term, support you in getting a greater level of data about the claims you have with AIG.

Here at AIG, we have a Specialist Investigation Unit that acts as an advisory service to claims handlers dealing with cases where suspicious activity becomes a concern.

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