Protect your business

To help you get the best out of our collective strength, we want to focus attention on the businesses and sectors where we can add most value. 

Protecting your people

Insurance products and risk management tools that protect a business’ employees and clients from accident, injury and disease - and provide the care needed in recovery.

Protecting business performance

Helping to safeguard business performance, protecting revenues, supply chains and securing cyber environments throughout the organisation.

Protecting Property

AIG brings you global insurance solutions, deep industry knowledge, and local expertise. We’ll help you keep your business running after natural disasters, equipment failures, acts of terror, and more.

Multinational Insurance Solutions

Whether you operate in two countries or 200, companies can benefit from a trusted partner who can provide customised and seamless multinational solutions, including vast global knowledge of local markets, practices, regulations, tax concerns, exposures, and coverage requirements.


Why real estate is not risk-free when it comes to the environment

Property owners, developers and tenants face a range of exposures


Human Cyber Risk – The first line of defence

Human error & how traits & behaviours are exploited by malevolent actors