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Portfolio Solutions

Welcome to the UK's most dynamic growth market 

Our Portfolio Solutions team is fully equipped including underwriting, pricing, product development, analysis, implementation and governance expertise all in one place. This means our brokers and partners deal with a single expert team, from original conception right through to execution and beyond. 

Portfolio Solutions explained

Every deal we do is backed by a tailored implementation plan: ongoing trend analysis to maximise hit rates and optimise servicing, training, new business targeting and marketing support – it all depends on the individual deal. We want to make sure that our partners realise the full growth potential of their portfolio propositions. 

Who is this for?

Schemes, Preferred Insurer Panel, MGAs and other arrangements.

Focus areas


AIG’s Portfolio team are looking to partner with MGA’s that have: strong track records in their specialist products and sectors, strong underwriting, data management and customer service capabilities and access to effective distribution and specialist products.

eTraded and other rules-based systems

Our Portfolio team offers brokers a range of rules based underwriting systems to match their own operational requirements. From fully integrated quote and bind capabilities available via the Acturis platform or via the AIG Extranet through to simple paper-based product raters.

Delegated Authority Arrangements

We have a long and successful track record of structuring delegated authority arrangements for our brokers across the breadth of our product range. This capability is even further enhanced by the focus and expertise of our dedicated Portfolio Solutions team.

Preferred Insurer Panel

We are most certainly open for brokers’ panel business. With our great product set, strength and depth of underwriting, high limits, risk engineering, multinational and claims skills AIG’s Portfolio team adds enormous breadth and capabilities to our brokers’ Preferred Insurer Panel propositions.

Why choose Portfolio Solutions from AIG?

Our capabilities create opportunities

We handle all distribution models from MGAs and eTraded solutions to Delegated Authorities and panel arrangements. Alongside our wide product range and our underwriting flexibility for portfolios, we believe we offer our brokers and partners more opportunities and expertise in this area than any other UK insurer.

Full cycle support

Centralising our expertise in a single team means we offer our brokers and partners complete full-cycle support for their portfolio propositions: financial modelling to ensure competitive pricing, operational procedures for smooth client servicing from on-boarding new clients to claims servicing, all reinforced by expertise in governance and compliance.

Innovation & development

We work closely with brokers and partners with new ideas and propositions they want to explore. We have a successful track record of helping them innovate with different options and different pricing models – so they can select the arrangement that’s right for them to stand out from their competitors and win and retain more business.

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