Package & Combined Policies

Commercial Combined. All the property, business interruption & liability covers you’d expect, plus more.

For many types of business a commercial combined policy may provide a good all round insurance solution. These types of policies combine a range of essential covers to provide the business with affordable but comprehensive cover. 

The limits for some of the included insurances can be varied according to the size and needs of the business being insured. There may also be variants of the cover for distinct business types (like ‘loss of liquor licence’ for a restaurant) that are appropriate to their activities.

Product Details

Our commercial combined policies contain all of the standard insurances. In addition our customers benefit from a range of extra covers and services that other insurers may not provide. These are designed to help our customers reduce their risks of having to claim or to broaden their protection.

Additional benefits range from £50,000 of automatic Directors & Officers insurance, rehabilitation for injured employees, staff web-based health and safety training and £100,000 legal expenses insurance, through to equipment breakdown cover.

Commercial Combined


Policies may be tailored toward the particular needs of a business' activities. Core covers include

  • “All risks” property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Employers liability
  • Public & products liabiity
  • Personal Accident
  • Money
  • Goods in Transit
  • Refrigerated stock
  • Loss of licence or registration

Who is it for?

A wide range of UK businesses with turnovers up to £10 million.  


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors get the benefit of an expert defence when they need it most and the assistance of an expert claims team. Commercial Combined policies include £50,000 of Directors and Officers liability insurance (D&O) automatically.*

  • D&O covers defence costs, damages and settlements for “wrongful acts” (things that directors might get sued for because they are directors of a company) e.g. Health and Safety, Corporate Manslaughter, wrongful trading, and data protection
  • D&O makes sure directors get the benefit of an expert defence when they need it most – and we have an expert claims team. Even unfounded allegations can be stressful and time consuming
  • D&O protection responds as soon as we are told about a possible action against a director. It is a tremendous sleep easy cover, protecting directors’ personal assets

Important exclusions, conditions or limitations

Claims arising out of pollution, sickness or death, criminal or dishonest acts or Employment Practice violations.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Up to £100,000 legal costs (solicitors, barristers) to defend or pursue cases. Commercial Combined also includes £100,000 of legal expenses insurance. A valuable addition for businesses whose customers and suppliers may be bigger than they are.

  • Up to £100,000 legal costs (solicitors, barristers) to defend or pursue cases:
    • Disputes with customers or suppliers over sales and purchases
    • Defence of employment actions
    • Defence for Data Protection Act actions
    • Property disputes with landlord or license protection
    • Legal expenses for contractual disputes for more than £250
  • Up to £25,000 accountants’ costs to prepare information and liaise with Inland Revenue after a tax investigation
  • Unlimited 24/7 legal advice

Important exclusions, conditions or limitations

Compensation, interest, penalties or taxes except in respect to Employment cover, deliberate or unlawful acts or other situations where there is no realistic prospect of a successful defence.

Health & Safety Compliance Training

Commercial Combined includes access to a web-based compliance training system, designed to develop and strengthen the health and safety of the company. Well trained staff help avoid risks of legal action, fines or even imprisonment for the company directors.

  • Extensive library of modules topics include stress, managing contractors, manual handling, and work at height. Some are industry specific
  • RoSPA accredited
  • Helps to equip front line staff with essential training for their jobs – and managers to conduct risk assessments and implement risk improvements
  • Web-based training saves time and money, as employees can be trained individually – at a time that suits the business
  • Data from interactive training session can be retrieved and stored, providing full audit trail for training

By identifying the additional training needs of particular employees, the system helps the company to demonstrate a high standard of compliance to customers, contractors and regulators.

Medical & Vocational Rehabilitation*

Commercial Combined provides medical and vocational rehabilitation for employee workplace injuries regardless of fault and as standard. Our professional Case Managers (usually registered nurses) review all reported employee injuries at work and:

  • Coordinate medical services, liaising with doctors and insurer, keeping the patient fully informed
  • May include private consultations, specialist treatments or complementary therapies
  • If satisfied with the NHS treatment, they’ll carefully monitor the patient’s treatment and recovery under the NHS.

On recovery, people may face difficulties getting back into the workplace. Our vocational consultants work closely with employers and patients to:

  • Help them return to work in a suitable position
  • Suggest necessary modifications to duties, equipment and retraining

* Included with employers’ liability

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Today’s businesses are increasingly dependent on expensive and sensitive technology. Many Commercial Combined policies include automatic Equipment Breakdown coverage up to the value of the contents sum insured.

Equipment includes computers, electronic equipment, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, telecommunications, lifts, machinery, cash registers, boilers, and audio equipment.

Cover includes:

  • Repair costs, replacement costs caused by breakdown
  • Up to £50,000 loss of profits caused by breakdown
  • Also up to £50,000 temporary repairs or short term hire of equipment costs
  • No exclusions for older equipment
  • Up to £250,000 for computer breakdown
  • Up to £25,000 for reinstatement of data

Breakdown cover is subject to a £250 excess. For computers less than £5,000 no supporting computer maintenance contract is required. There are some trade restrictions to automatic equipment breakdown.

*D&O Eligibility

The full eligibility criteria are:

  • Policyholders must be UK registered limited liability companies

Policyholders must not be involved in any of the following sectors and activities

  • IT
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech
  • In-patient healthcare
  • Mining
  • Oil, gas or any fuel industry
  • Waste disposal
  • Care of minors/vulnerable persons
  •  Utilities
  • Professional sports management
  • Sports stadia
  • Publishing, TV or radio station
  • The nuclear industry
  • Financial organisation

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