Complimentary Expert Legal Advice


Call our 24hr legal assistance helpline

 01455 852 040

Our PrivateEdge policy includes complimentary legal advice from 3 of the UK’s top legal firms.

With a 24 hour hotline followed by a scheduled call-back with a specialist lawyer, guidance is readily available for a range of issues.

Any Potential Issues

Complimentary, confidential telephone advice is available for any issue that may lead to a claim under your policy. The scope of the service is as wide as our cover and may include any of following:

Your Legal Panel

The Call

To use this complimentary service, call the 24-hour legal helpline number and provide preliminary details. A specialist lawyer with experience in the field of law relating to your concern will call you back at an agreed time (usually within 3 hours during normal working hours).

For regulatory and health and safety emergencies we provide a 24/7 call-back within 1 hour.

Discounted Legal Services

Our panel of top legal firms can also provide a full suite of legal services beyond the scope of our PrivateEdge D&O coverage. If you wish to engage our panel members in this way, PrivateEdge policyholders are entitled to exclusive discounted rates.