Health & Safety

    • HSE inspection
    When an Inspector Calls

    The HSE has a duty to investigate health and safety incidents.

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    • Prohibition and Improvement Notice
    Improvement Notices and Prohibition Notices

    Health and Safety Inspectors have the right to enter any workplace as part of their regulatory functions or for an investigation following an incident.

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    • Health and Safety Duties
    A Guide to Health and Safety

    Breaches of Health and Safety legislation are investigated within the criminal law.

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    • HSE intervention
    Fee for Intervention

    The Health and Safety Executive is entitled to recover costs incurred by them from employers where an Inspector assesses that the employer is in “material breach of health and safety legislation.

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    • Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance and Effective Health and Safety Management by Employers

    Protecting the health and safety of your employees and anyone else who may be affected by the activities of your organisation (e.g. contractors and members of the public) is an essential part of risk and hazard management and should be proactively led by the top of your organisation.

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    • Proceeds of Crime
    A Guide to Confiscation and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

    The HSE has a duty to investigate health and safety incidents.

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    • Contractors
    A Guide to the Health and Safety Management of Contractors for Businesses

    Businesses have responsibilities under health and safety law to contractors working for them or on their behalf.

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