Crisis Solution

In the face of evolving global security threats, we provide support for businesses and individuals through insurance and risk consultancy expertise – to keep your business in business and your people safe and secure.

Supporting families and organisations around the world

By providing both insurance and risk consultancy services we help our clients to be safe and secure, and to deal confidently with the challenges that the modern world presents. Recognising that threats to businesses and people come in many forms, our insurance is designed to provide both a broad level of coverage and crisis management support. When the unexpected happens, we help you manage and recover.

More than Kidnap & Ransom insurance

We cover the costs arising from a broad range of threats that may impact your people, business, brand or reputation – more than simply kidnap and ransom insurance. Acting as an umbrella policy, Crisis Solution offers world-wide coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some types of crisis are covered automatically as part of our core coverage, others are optional.  


Risk consultancy

We also provide our customers with world class response consultants, guaranteeing expert support wherever you are around the globe.  This includes support from NYA, a specialist crisis consultancy who are AIG’s global response partner, AIG Travel and a panel of legal, technical and communications professionals, specialising in reputational management and cyber extortion.

Prevention services

Crisis Solution also includes a range of tools and prevention services to help reduce the likelihood of a loss and provide additional layers of defence within an organisation’s domestic and overseas programmes. These include a free Travel Assistance app alongside our GlobalWatch online country and security risk portal.

Who is this for?

All industry types especially: aviation, oil and gas, energy, mining, construction, engineering, multinationals, pharmaceuticals and maritime sectors.  Also high and mid net-worth individuals and families worldwide.


Crisis Solution

Access to Response Consultants

Clients have access to consultants at our specialist global response partner  NYA, with the following advantages:

  • World leading recruitment: experience professional working to the highest possible standards
  • Global operating model: consultants based strategically across 16 global locations
  • Flexible crisis deployment: up to four consultants deployed upon notification of an incident
  • Proven and tested expertise: established in 1990

Financial Reimbursement

In the event of an incident, AIG will reimburse the following;

  • Ransom and ransom lost in transit
  • Legal liabilities
  • Personal accident benefits
  • Additional expenses: (including but not limited to) travel, medical and security expenses

What's Inside Crisis Solution

Our What's Inside brochure will help you understand the cover and service included in a Crisis Solution policy.

Core Insurance Coverage

There are 8 principle perils at the centre of a Crisis Solution policy. 


In an extortion scenario the perpetrators demand ransom payment as a condition of not carrying out the threat. Our extortion coverage responds to illegal threats to kill, injure, abduct your people, to damage property or disseminate trade secrets or confidential information.


Kidnap for ransom remains an important source of income for criminals throughout the world. Sitting at the heart of your Crisis Solution policy, any alleged, attempted or actual kidnap is responded to by the industry leading support of NYA.


The act of holding people against their will can be effected by anyone, including government authorities. Global travellers, foreign workers, and expatriates can be particularly vulnerable. Any detention lasting over 3 hours that’s unrelated to a proven criminal offence or a failure to produce correct documentation is covered.


A hijack, like a detention, is triggered when people are held against their will or ‘under duress’ while travelling. Example scenarios include plane hijackings, protracted carjackings and water vessel seizures.

Express Kidnap

An emerging crime trend is shorter term abductions with the intention of rapid financial gain (such as repeatedly forced withdrawals from an ATM). These fast-paced abductions, often concluding in a matter of hours when maximum withdrawal limits have been reached, have been termed ‘Express Kidnapping’.


When someone is missing without an explanation it can be a confusing and alarming situation. Disappearance covers investigation costs following the disappearance of an insured person who has been missing for more than 48 hours, whatever the reason.

Security Evacuation

Covers the emergency extraction of expatriates or internationally based personnel from any location around the world, should the security environment significantly deteriorate. Coverage can extend beyond the cost of extraction, to salaries, personal effects and the cost of relocation too.


Threats to people and property can come in many forms and not always for financial reasons. This coverage gives a client access to crisis consultants to conduct an initial threat assessment and, if necessary, recommend additional physical security support.

Additional Stand-Alone Products

Piracy Guard 2.0

Insurance and preventative solutions to tackle the hijack of crew or illegal vessel seizure. Cover can be provided for ransom payments, additional costs and for loss of hire.

Crisis: Concierge

Crisis: Concierge can be purchased as a stand-alone policy form or as an endorsement to accompany your Crisis Solution policy. It gives instant access to class leading crisis consultancy for a very broad range of threats that may impact a business or its employees.

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Crisis Solution: Private Clients

Coverage protects against incidents of kidnap, extortion, hijack, disappearance and detention as well as assaults and intimidation to individuals and property. It is supported by a risk prevention package designed to provide help and advice around all matters of personal security.


Security Risk Response and Resilience (SRRR)

Security Risk Response and Resilience (SRRR) offers a global, holistic and complete security solution, combining Talbot’s Political Violence insurance expertise with AIG’s Crisis Solution capabilities.

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