Contractors Pollution Liability

Provides comprehensive protection for contractors, site owners and developers against pollution releases.

Product Details

Contractors Pollution Liability UK provides comprehensive protection for contractors, site owners and developers against pollution releases, whether sudden & accidental or gradual, caused by new pollution conditions or the exacerbation of existing pollution conditions. 

Coverage is available worldwide and can be tailored to meet individual needs as well as any special insurance requirements, and may be an owner controlled program or held directly by the contractor.

Contractors Pollution Liability


  • Contractor operations cover
  • Clean up costs
  • Biodiversity Damage
  • Third party bodily injury and property damage
  • Legal costs
  • Nuisance claims


Who is it for?

Consultants or contractors performing hazardous operations, or operating on contaminated sites. Policies can also be taken out by clients on behalf of contractors.

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Our dedicated Risk Consulting unit within our team is focused on the development and delivery of a range of alternative programme solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


Our London multinational team of around 65 dedicated specialists from over various countries has multilingual capabilities in over 20 languages and works is working closely with the underwriters to service multinational programs. In addition, Our global network of strong and well-established AIG local offices and top-tier global network partners means we can issue policies and service multinational clients across the globe.

Using our specialized global fronting capabilities in Multinational, Alternative Risk transfer and Captive solutions, we work with clients and brokers to produce bespoke multinational solutions. This allows our broker partners to respond to a wide range of multinational opportunities across all lines, sizes, sectors, and geographies worldwide.

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