Excess Liability

Excess Protect: fast, simple, high performance with significant limits.

Excess Protect is our excess liability product against major incidents that could exhaust clients’  primary insurance.  It can cover any combination of Employers’ Liability, Public/Products Liability and Motor Third Party Property Damage Liability.

The wide scope of Excess Protect’s coverage goes further than just topping up the primary insurance. It also provides valuable additional services for accidents that threaten to breach the primary limits and impact the excess layer.

Who is it for?

UK-based companies, including those with overseas sales or operations. Coverage may be tailored for overseas subsidiaries but not for companies without any UK connection.

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Excess Protect

Speed and flexibility

Clients sometimes leave their excess insurances to the last minute so when they do need  excess coverage, they need it quickly! Excess Protect is fast and flexible, usually a matter of minutes to get a quote online with our quick quote system for straight-forward risks, and we don’t need to see  underlying primary wordings before confirming cover.

Underwriting expertise

Although Excess Protect can be quick, sometimes brokers like to discuss larger more complex risks directly with our underwriters, renowned for their technical expertise and underwriting authorities throughout our UK offices. This means we can deliver expert advice and decision making wherever our brokers need it. Excess Protect accommodates both simple and more complex risks, equally.

Cover Extensions

Aggregate Limits Step-Down

If claims losses erode the aggregate limit on any of its underlying policies, Excess Protect will automatically attach to the reduced aggregate limit. If losses completely exhaust an underlying aggregate limit, Excess Protect will replace the primary policy for that aggregate limit (Subject to Limit of indemnity, General Definitions, General Exclusions General Claims Conditions and General Provisions.)

Accidental breaches of duty of Fair Presentation

If a primary insurer applies proportional reduction to a claim because of an accidental breach of duty of Fair Presentation, then Excess Protect may still attach at the agreed attachment point. This means that Excess Protect would pay the portion of the loss that would have exceeded the primary limit had it not been reduced.

Crisis Containment

Excess Protect also includes coverage for Public Relations consultancy services including advice and strategy for internal communications to staff and external communications (e.g., to customers, regulators and other stakeholders) up to a value of £100,000.  This is designed to help the minimise reputational damage of an event which could potentially give rise to a claim under the policy.

Affirmative Cyber

Excess Protect provides affirmative cover for physical Bodily Injury and tangible Property Damage involving a cyber event or incident.  For the avoidance of doubt, liability for any data is excluded, so there is transparency that the policy will not respond in the event of a data breach that could lead to legal liability claims in respect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

How can we help?

Knowing you have a team of experts across the UK, who understand your complex risks and can help you face them with confidence is more important now than ever before. 

Each AIG team member is fully committed, using their experience and expertise to assist you in protecting assets and maintaining business continuity.

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