Wellbeing for Casualty clients

Welcome to our hub for emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing for Casualty policyholders. Our partnership with Wellspace is dedicated to delivering robust wellbeing programmes to eligible clients with up to 100 complementary licenses of the cutting-edge Wellspace app: whether its helping individuals track their daily mental health or helping managers track the impacts of specific initiatives on their organisational wellbeing.


Here you can find a range of useful materials to help drive engagement in your organisation including: positive organisational indicators for the app, presentations of its many benefits for businesses and individuals, insights, articles and everything you need to get the app up and running in your organisation.

Introducing the Wellspace management portal

An introduction to the Wellspace management portal including its ability to monitor daily trends, highlight wellbeing "red-flags" and facilitate gamification to drive employee participation.

Who is it for

Experience of implementing corporate wellbeing programmes reveals some positive factors indicative of an organisations’ likelihood to derive great benefits from the wellbeing app.

Welcome to Wellspace

An impactful fact-sheet for sharing with your teams about today’s wellbeing concerns, the costs, the challenges, the opportunities and the benefits of the Wellspace app for organisations and individuals.

Wellbeing Testimonials and Insights

A selection of approved client testimonials and expert articles examining contemporary wellbeing issues in today’s workplace.

On-Boarding tools

Internal Communications

Email templates to introduce and motivate staff around the Wellspace app.

Video On-boarding Guide

A step-by-step guice for employees, from downloading the Wellspace app to configuring it. 


Video User Guide

A walk through of the Wellpace app's functionality and options.

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