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There are good reasons to consider Trade+ from AIG

What is AIG Trade+?

AIGTrade+ is an innovative trade credit product which combines “ground up” cover with non-cancellable credit limits.

Easy to set-up

AIGTrade+ connects easily to a client’s accounting package – usually no more than 30 minutes via a telephone line. There are no software, installation or maintenance charges as all the costs are included in the insurance premiums.

Simplified claims process

All limits are agreed by AIG so clients do not have to justify any credit limits when there is a claim, which can sometimes slow down the process, and claims forms are automatically pre-populated by the system.

How it works

AIGTrade+ works by connecting to a client’s accounting package, allowing credit limits to be automatically calculated based on real time payment history or set by an underwriter, relieving the client of responsibility for setting discretionary limits and the customer analysis this involves.

Simplified administration

Overdue account reporting is done automatically by AIGTrade+ reducing administration of the policy and ensuring compliance with policy terms and conditions.

How AIGTrade+ is turning trade credit insurance on its head!  


Who is it for?

Businesses with an annual turnover between £10m and £50m

What is covered?

• Non-payment of a buyer due to insolvency or protracted default (non-payment after 180 days)
• Credit limits are provided on each buyer and claims are paid at 90% indemnity.
• All credit limits are provided by AIG. There is no Discretionary Credit Limit facility within the policy meaning the client does not have to justify any credit limit decisions.
• There will be a minimal non-qualifying loss level below which claims will not be considered and a maximum liability to cap the level of claims paid in any one year.
• Providing the buyer pays on time, credit limits are non-cancellable for 12 months.



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