Expatriate Care

Claims - Medical expenses or general assistance

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Email: aig.uk@henner.com

Expatriate Care  

Peace of mind when you’re far from home.

Expatriate Care provides medical cover for you and your dependents when you are working abroad.

That means that if one of you gets ill or has an accident, we will find you a top local hospital, pay for your treatment and cover the costs for you to return home, if necessary.

Email us: aig.uk@henner.com

Our partner in healthcare 

AIG has partnered with Henner, a leading European medical plan administrator, to create a global expat programme that offers you access to a worldwide network of hospitals and medical providers. 

For expatriates and their families

Access medical provider information, country guides, coverage and claims information, forms and instructions.

Member Access

For employers and brokers

Access contract information, medical network details, premium invoices, enrolments and cancellations.

Management Access


Virtual health clinic

With Expatriate Care, you have access to MyHealthPortal at no extra cost – an online health clinic that supports you and your family anytime, anywhere.


Nurse Connect

For any health concern, a UK based medical team is available via our website or our telephone helpline. You can submit queries on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues, including family health, medication, first aid, nutrition, stress management and vaccinations.

Medical Second Opinion

MyHealthPortal offers a Medical Second Opinion service that entitles you to a second medical opinion from specialists at world-leading hospitals, after a diagnosis by a local doctor. While in many cases a second opinion will confirm a diagnosis or suggest only minor changes to a treatment plan, it can provide valuable peace of mind.

Surgery advice

Many of us have to undergo surgery at some stage in our lives and the experience can be stressful and intimidating. MyHealthPortal’s surgery advice service provides comprehensive support – including medical advice – for patients about to undergo surgery, or who are recovering from it.

Health and wellbeing information

Get the latest information on health and wellbeing, including holistic medicine and alternative therapies, at MyHealthPortal. We provide access to unbiased research, and our medical team can even do research for you – saving you from scouring the internet, where information could be unreliable or out of date.

Cancer support

Cancer touches many of us at some point in our lives. MyHealthPortal can put you in touch with specialist nurses online who can provide the latest research and advice on treatment, and suggest relevant specialists. Perhaps even more importantly, they are there 24 hours a day to support you through what can be difficult and emotional times.