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Medical and Vocational Case Management

Effective medical case management means implementing the best possible rehabilitation programme for the sick and injured. We have successfully assisted thousands of people to realise recovery and return to work.

We operate nationally and independently, providing a variety of services to a range of insurers, solicitors and third party administrators.

We provide a strong, co-ordinated approach to assist people’s recovery and meet their long term and short term requirements, which are based on an appreciation of the needs and objectives of all parties associated with the rehabilitation process.

Our medical case management services support a range of insurance products including:

  • employers liability 
  • public liability 
  • commercial motor
  • personal lines motor policies

Our case management is conducted, over the telephone or face to face in an injured parties’ residence, hospital or preferred environment, by an medically qualified Case Manager (CM). They work with all key parties to ensure that there is co-ordination of treatment to enable the injured person to return, as near as possible, to their pre injury lifestyle or to a level of health that is the best for their retained condition.

The Case Manager will ensure that all treatment and graduated return to work plans (if applicable) or long term disability support are appropriate, provide value for money and are in the best interest of all parties.

Medical rehabilitation cannot be used in isolation. We are one of only a few companies to fully address all aspects of rehabilitation, including employment matters. That means helping people return to employment after considering any medical recommendations or physical and psychological limitations. We also help people who are struggling at work to remain there, following an injury or illness.

  • Access to our team of highly experienced Vocational Consultants
  • Working with employers to provide advice on adjustments to duties and redeployment solutions - as well as disability awareness matters  
  • Assisting people to return to employment opportunities that are consistent with the individual's experience, qualifications and potential

All workplace injuries and illnesses are reviewed by a professional Case Manager who can: 

  • Arrange and co-ordinate appropriate medical treatment
  • Liaise with employers, solicitors, GP’s and treating consultants  
  • Work closely with vocational consultants to help employees return safely to work in a position that is right for them  

Health Surveillance

We offer businesses services that allow them to take a proactive approach to employee health.

At AIG Medical Management Services proactive health awareness includes:

  • Policy development & guidance 
  • Ergonomic training and advice
  • Mental wellbeing programmes
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress management

We offer a wide range of work based functional testing including:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Night worker screening 
  • Immunisation and vaccination programmes 
  • Audiometry 
  • Lung function testing
  • Fork lift truck drive assessments
  • Health surveillance
  • Executive medicals 
  • Medical condition training i.e. epilepsy, diabetes
  • To ensure adherence to mandatory health and safety requirements
  • To ensure the health and well-being of employees
  • To monitor the effect of work on employees health
  • To potentially lead to a reduction in employer’s liability claims for work-related injuries or ill-health
  • To improve relations between employers and employees
  • To identify potential health conditions early and provide appropriate health advice and subsequently reduce future absence
  • To ensure that the employee has the aids and adaptations necessary for them to complete their role to avoid any difficulties at work and so avoid any future absences
  • To reduce potential sickness absence  

Absence Management

We deliver a proactive absence management and health surveillance service to promote reduced absence rates, employee wellbeing and increased productivity.  Our occupational health service focuses on the ethos that work is beneficial to health and so where appropriate, encourages an active return to work for absent employees. 

Our case management is conducted, over the telephone and where necessary face to face, by an Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) who is able to assist employees by acting as an advisor, an advocate and mentor to help them understand the health care and benefits system throughout their absence and return to work.

The assessment will provide the rehabilitation plan necessary including the treatment or intervention required to return an employee to their pre-incident level of health or employment, or to a level of health that is the best for their retained condition. All rehabilitation plans provided are individually tailored and non-adversarial.

The OHA will work with all key parties to ensure that there is co-ordination of treatment and reintegration into a suitable work place if appropriate and that all treatment and graduated return to work plans are appropriate, cost effective and in the best interest of the employee and employer.  

Employers can be assured that our service balances the needs of the business with the health needs of the employee, to produce a set of recommendations including costs and timescales that are applicable to the employment environment.

  • Rapid assessment of an absentee’s state of health, welfare and employment 
  • Advice from a designated occupational health advisor 
    Working in partnership with employers to redesign the culture of absence
  • Reducing unnecessary absence  
  • Creating greater savings on sickness absence costs  

Independent Rehabilitation Assessment Service

AIG Medical Management Services can provide expert and independent assessment of the rehabilitation needs of an injured person. 

Rapid telephone assessment service

Our telephone assessment service is a fast and effective assessment which is particularly useful for non-catastrophic injuries and illnesses.  We quickly identify the severity of the injury or illness and the extent of the ongoing symptoms by assessing the injured party over the telephone.

Our report is then sent to the instructing party, along with our recommendations, costs and timescales for further treatment, on the same day the assessment took place.

Immediate Needs Assessment

Our independent rehabilitation assessment service is an assessment of an individual’s immediate needs, relating to multiple pathology and catastrophic injuries and illnesses. It identifies the severity and consequences of the injury and the physical, psychological and vocational impact on their life. The injured person can be assessed at their place of residence, hospital or preferred environment. Our report is then sent to the referring party along with the recommendations, costs and if appropriate, timescales for further treatment or medium and long term care needs and processes.  

  • Assessment of an injured party’s current capabilities and the severity, psychological and medical consequence of the injury
  • Consideration of relevant medical history and treatment
  • Recommend future diagnostic and treatment procedures
  • Assessment of the impact on the injured party’s injuries on their lifestyle and occupation
  • Review of employment history and recovery prospects
  • Outline of injured party’s medical & vocational needs with associated costs and timescales
  • Provides all parties with a detailed and costed rehabilitation plan, in accordance with the Rehabilitation Code

Case Studies

The following case studies highlight the challenges AIG Medical Management Services face and demonstrate the value of our rehabilitation service.

Work related stress and how we worked with both the employer and employee to help a supervisor back to work.

A 36 year old departmental supervisor, had been experiencing difficulties with his role for some time, and eventually reported sick because of what he described as stress related issues.  

A simple slip at work affected an employee’s physical capabilities. We devised a graduated return to work programme to reflect the employee’s health limitations. A 41 year old male, employed as a Data Collector slipped on a wet surface and fractured his left wrist, during working hours.  

After a serious accident at work, We helped an employee to find a new career entirely. A male employee was hurt in an accident at work. 

About Us

Founded in 1998, AIG Medical Management Services (UK) Limited is the longest-established case management company in the UK.

AIG Medical Management Services is an award winning case management and occupational health company.  We provide a nationwide service delivering case management, vocational consultancy and assessment services over the telephone or face to face in an injured parties’ residence, hospital or preferred environment.  We operate independently, providing a variety of services to a range of insurers, solicitors and third party administrators. Our professional employee base of registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, occupational health advisors, occupational health technicians, vocational consultants and psychologists are deployed throughout our four offices in the UK and Ireland.

AIG Medical Management Services is a member of the:

British Association Rehabilitation Companies (BARC)
Case Management Society of the UK (CMSUK)
UK Rehabilitation Council (UKRC), and
Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA)

(AIG Medical Management Services is not responsible for the content of external sites.) Our professional employee base of registered nurses, occupational health advisors and vocational consultants are deployed at our four branches in the UK, in addition to our large sister branch in Dublin which manages cases across Eire.

We provide a robust, co-ordinated approach to helping people to achieve recovery and return to work, based upon appreciation of the needs and objectives of all parties involved in the absence management and rehabilitation process.

Registered Address:
The AIG Building, 58 Fenchurch Street,
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Tel: +44 (0) 20 7954 7000
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7954 7001
Registered in England; number 3517649 

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