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London Makes It Possible #LondonMakesItPossible


Supporting characters

Last week saw the launch of a market wide campaign to promote London as the leading global hub for insurance, and answer the question: ‘Why bring business to London?’ In today’s world of unprecedented change and opportunity, London’s insurance market is more essential than ever.  Every day the London Market brings together an unrivalled breadth of expertise that helps people to realise their ambitions and drive progress around the world. 

AIG is a powerful player in the London market through our strong position in many sectors, for example: Aerospace, Energy, Construction, Marine and Lex London, underwriting US risks.  AIG support this campaign to unify and strengthen the London insurance brand, for the industry’s advantage. 

As part of the campaign, various characters posed with our London Market teams...

Diver meets London market team
Space man meets London market team
Construction worker meets London market team

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