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Cyber insurance claims 2018 – Video

Claims Intelligence Series

Topic Cyber


What lies behind the upswing in cyber insurance claims?  And do companies understand the business interruption effects that cyber risks can cause?

Watch EMEA head of cyber Mark Camillo and financial lines major loss adjuster Kathy Avery discuss some of the key highlights from the 2018 cyber claims intelligence report, the implications for businesses and how the risk can be handled.

“Many companies were surprised by how quickly ransomware could spread…” Mark Camillo, Head of Cyber EMEA, AIG

Cyber insurance claims: Ransomware disrupts business

AIG’s 2017 cyber claims statistics reflect both the growing maturity of the cyber book of business and a threat environment which has, in recent months, been characterised by a series of sophisticated, systemic malware and ransomware attacks, including WannaCry and NotPetya.

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