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Claims Expertise

Topic Commercial Insurance Solutions


Our suite of claims playbooks show you how we handle our claims. Movies, infographics and the technical centre all help explain our claims service to you in these 3 simple guides.  

Different kinds of Casualty claims need particular claims handling skills. By focussing the right AIG expert on the right kind of claim, we can make faster and more informed decisions for our customers - clients and brokers and deliver an outstanding Casualty claims service.

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Consistently putting our clients (and our clients’ cash flows) first, before and after a loss, is what differentiates our Property and Energy claims team. Our 50% payment promise and client workshops aimed at educating potential loss scenarios are just two examples of AIG offering an outstanding claims service.

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A Financial Lines claim can be a difficult and challenging experience for clients. By sharing our wealth of institutional knowledge, combined with a strong emphasis on fostering relationships with our clients and brokers, we can remove the uncertainty of the claims situation when it arises.

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