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AIG/StrategicRISK Special Report - Manufacturing

Topic Manufacturers

AIG/StrategicRISK Special Report - Manufacturing

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here but what exactly does it mean and what are the likely consequences for manufacturing companies?

This StrategicRISK special report, produced in association with AIG, examines the likely consequences – good and bad – of what ultimately will be the biggest change in production processes for more than 200 years, as Industry 4.0 becomes more widespread and established.

Smart factories, robots and AI all come under the spotlight as leading risk managers in the sector discuss their experiences and expectations alongside expert insight and commentary from technology specialists.

Also in this report we look at the potential impact on manufacturing businesses of a major solar storm.

Space weather concerns are not usually at the top of the risk agenda for manufacturers but research from Cambridge University indicates companies and industries which are more exposed should take notice and have mitigation plans in place because the consequences of such an event are likely to be huge.

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