How our smart cyber proposal form generates cyber-risk-clarity for businesses 

Introducing our Smart Cyber Application

Our Smart cyber proposal form adapts to the businesses’ sector, size & cyber exposures - to generate an immediate summary report of the businesses’ cyber posture. 


The evolving cyber threat to businesses, from DoS attacks to ransomware to business email compromise, can be very challenging for businesses to pin down and quantify.  We have handled thousands of cyber claims and have pretty clear visibility of cyber claims drivers and their impact on businesses of different sizes and sectors.


Combining these claims insights with numerous data sources, and the clients’ responses on our Smart Cyber proposal means we can measure and model the cyber impact on the business. The smart form adapts to the businesses’ sector, size, and exposures as the form is completed.  It then generates a complimentary summary analysis of the clients’ cyber posture including:

  • A rating of the business’s preparedness for an attack and its ability to protect its data
  • The likelihood of a malicious or accidental action exposing weakness in the business’s IT system
  • Ratings of the business’s exposures to different types of cyber threats
  • The financial impacts of a data breach and Denial of Service attack


The summary report is freely available on submitting the smart proposal form – even if the client chooses not to purchase a CyberEdge policy.  If the business does purchase CyberEdge, then it is entitled to the full executive report with even greater information about their cyber readiness including:

  • Tailored risk practices for the client with estimated risk reduction ratings for each
  • Cyber incident probabilities with low, median, high and worst case impacts
  • Analysis of the residual cyber risk in different parts of the business’s IT systems
  • Business impacts relating to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data


All this enables a business’s leaders to contextualise their cyber exposures in tangible terms such as the number of data records potentially impacted and the corresponding financial impact on the business.  It means businesses can assess the likelihood of different kinds of cyber-attack. 

It also means that, armed with their projected cost-effectiveness, the business can prioritise the implementation of specific risk reduction measures,  to keep their business ahead of the cyber curve.

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