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GDPR and business email compromise drive greater frequencies

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Cyber is now a key risk for all businesses, with computer systems essential for revenue generation.  Downtime of customer facing or backend systems can hugely impact operations while intensifying regulation means tougher notification requirements after an incident and more scrutiny of how incidents are handled, raising the stakes for all businesses.

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Cyber is one of the most volatile risks facing businesses today.  We continuously update the cover and services provided by CyberEdge to protect our clients in the face of this shifting and dynamic threat.

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Who is it for?

Businesses of all sizes in all sectors. 

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Product Details

Event Management with First Response

A range of services to get businesses back on track after an attack: legal, IT and PR services, credit and ID Monitoring, data restoration and breach notification costs. This is backed by immediate legal and IT support if a breach is suspected with no policy retention for the initial period selected.

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Network Interruption

Loss of income, mitigation expenses and costs to quantify the loss when business operations are interrupted by a range of selected events including cyber-security breach, system failure and voluntary shutdown. Can be extended to security breaches and system failures at OSPs.

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Security & Privacy Liability

Third-party liability cover resulting from breaches of confidential info, security failure, failure to notify the regulator and breaches of PCI compliance. Includes defence costs and insurable fines in relation to any regulator of Data Protection legislation worldwide.

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Cyber Extortion

An extensive range of specialist services to combat the use of ransomware for cyber extortion. From conducting investigations to validate a threat, to containment and negotiations to end an extortion event through to ransom payments (including cryptocurrency payments).

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Digital Media

Covers damages and defence costs in connection with a breach of third party intellectual property, or negligence in connection with electronic content.

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Computer Crime

Covers direct financial loss from fraudulent electronic fund transfers arising from a cybersecurity breach.

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Criminal Reward Fund

A reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of cyber criminals including hackers and rogue employees, encouraging staff to report suspicious behaviour.

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Telephone Hacking

Covers charges from unauthorised access and use of a business’s telephone system, eg fraudsters targeting telephone systems to make calls to premium rate numbers.

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What's New in CyberEdge?

Our What's New brochure will help you understand the cover and service included in a CyberEdge cyber liability policy.

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Key benefits

Our Smart cyber proposal form adapts to the businesses’ sector, size, and cyber exposures and generates an immediate summary report of the businesses’ client’s cyber posture. A more detailed analysis is provided post-bind including cyber risk scores, scenario likelihoods and priorities.

Our Infographic explains more about the process and the benefits to you or see our sample basic report or detailed report to see the information you could receive.

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Our tried and tested First Response service nips potential cyber losses in the bud, with rapid one hour specialist IT, forensic and legal support after an actual or suspected breach. The service helps businesses mitigate cyber losses as early as possible with no policy retention for the selected 48 or 72-hour period. Download the First Response summary sheet

Cyber claims excellence

The depth of our cyber claims expertise means that your business is in the safest hands when it faces a cyber loss. In fact each year we publish the key findings of our dedicated cyber claims teams - identifying trends and emerging exposures to inform businesses and brokers, and presenting case studies to show cyber events in real-world context. Learn more about how we're putting Claims First and see our CyberEdge Claims Scenarios.

Preventing cyber losses

CyberEdge clients with premiums over £5,000 receive a range of complimentary services to the value of £10,000 help prevent a cyber loss from happening. These include vulnerability scanning, malicious IP blocking and cyber loss prevention training. We also offer a range of additional expert cyber services at preferred rates to help clients improve their cyber preparation and protection.

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Cyber risk is a potent cross-border threat accompanied by rapidly changing and intensifying worldwide regulation.  With our outstanding cyber experience and global footprint we are able to issue cyber policies in 60 countries throughout the world to support multinational and international businesses.

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