Enviropro UK

Heightened levels of public awareness and developing environmental regulation have made businesses more responsible for environmental damage. Commercial insurance policies often exclude losses from gradual pollution releases and biodiversity damage. 

Who is it for?

Businesses with operational processes eg manufacturers, power producers, printers, metal fabricators, warehouses, haulage, textiles, retailers, food processors, schools, colleges, medical centres, hotels.  

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Product Details

Enviropro UK wording comes with some important and highly distinctive features, in addition to more standard environmental coverages. Enviropro UK covers liabilities under Environmental Law including damage to water, land, protected species and natural habitats, including primary, complementary and compensatory remediation. The 2009 EDR introduced liability for compensating for damage to protected species and habitats.  Enviropro UK includes cover for sudden & accidental and gradual pollution, as well as environmental damage where pollution is not necessarily the cause.

Different businesses have different environmental exposures and risks. Some businesses have heightened environmental exposures from their air emissions, oil or chemical spills, waste management or water discharge from cleaning or cooling operations.

The flexibility of AIG Enviropro coverage can accommodate a large selection of businesses with operational processes including, but not limited to, manufacturers, power producers, printers, metal fabricators, warehouses, haulage firms, textile producers, retailers and food processors as well as educational establishments, medical centres, retailers and hotels.  

Cover details

Risk types

Manufacturing and Industrial facilities
Bulk storage and warehouses facilities
Waste treatment and disposal facilities
Commercial sites, including hospitals, shopping centres, laboratories, hotels, and housing developments.
National or multinational companies


Biodiversity Damage
Defence and assessment costs
Mitigation costs to prevent the worsening of a pollution incident
Loss arising from Gradual, as well as, Sudden and Accidental pollution conditions
Clean-up Costs (on-site and off-site) including the repair/rebuilding costs to first party property damaged during clean-up
Third Party Bodily Injury and Third Party Property
Damage resulting from a pollution condition
Cover operational and new pollution conditions only

Optional Covers

First party Business Interruption losses resulting from a pollution condition
Transportation related environmental liabilities
Contractor Operations-related risks, includes work completed by subcontractors

Features & Benefits