Contractors Operation & Professional Service

Product Details

Contractors Operation and Professional Services provides environmental cover for environmental professionals. Includes cover for Errors & Omissions in environmental technical reporting and Contractors Pollution Liability cover for activities carried out on third party sites.

Contractors Pollution Liability


Errors or omissions

Contractor operations cover

Clean up costs

Biodiversity Damage

Third party bodily injury and property damage

Legal costs

Nuisance claims

Who is it for?

Consultants or contractors performing hazardous operations, or operating on contaminated sites.

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Features & Benefits 

Environmental Damage Regulation 2009 (EDR)

Our insurance provides cover for provisions of the EDR including ‘biodiversity’, complementary and compensatory remediation, defence and mitigation costs.

Sudden and accidental and gradual pollution

Our environmental policies do not distinguish between sudden & accidental and gradual pollution.

Changing legal environment

Policies cover changes in legislation to keep up with rapidly evolving legislation

One environmental coverage

For complex risks and to meet contractual requirements, AIG takes a flexible approach to ensure the client’s needs are met.

Non pollution environmental damage

Cover may extend beyond pollution to cover other types of environmental damage, even if pollution is not the cause.

Worldwide Capabilities

Access to local Environmental underwriting expertise and the ability to underwrite in local language

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