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Changing to Azur

From the 1st of September 2016 AIG is excited to announce that it is entering into a joint venture to be known as Azur. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of service throughout the transition and look forward to our continued working relationship.

Azur will operate in the UK as an insurer led Managing General Agent (MGA) and will be owned by a combination of investors including AIG, Ascot Underwriting Limited and the individual management and partners. The branding will be positioned as insurance provided by AIG. Azur will provide brokers and clients with the same level of exceptional service they are accustomed to.

For more information please visit, or contact one of the following numbers:
General Enquiry: 0203 319 8888
Claims: 0203 319 8999
Complaints: 0203 319 8907

There are good reasons to consider insurance from AIG Private Client Group

What is AIG Private Client Group?

Our specialised division with the sole mission of providing creative, modern day insurance solutions for high net worth individuals. We are passionate about safeguarding your possessions, whether it’s your home, car or prized art collection. 

Excellence in service

We deliver concierge claims service capabilities few can match in the industry. Our claims service professionals are experts at problem resolution and respond with a strong sense of urgency and respect for your time.  

Insurance expertise

We have the know-how and talent to assess vulnerability and insure unique risks — delivered through a local presence that enables us to respond rapidly when unforeseen events occur.

Flexible and creative solutions

Our insurance is individually underwritten, so we can craft it to integrate with other covers for maximum protection and tailor it to address your needs. A holistic approach also means that we help our clients identify, anticipate and reduce their exposure to circumstances that could lead to a loss. 

Designed around you

Comprehensive, yet flexible protection designed to reflect your lifestyle and potential future needs. We deliver on this promise because of our market knowledge and expertise in managing risks with unique features and exposures. 

Global reach coupled with deep local knowledge

AIG has experts in over 160 countries and jurisdictions and more than 90 years of experience, delivering for our clients first-rate technical knowledge and an exceptional claims experience. 

What we cover

Your home isn’t just any residence. It is a special place that reflects your individuality, your lifestyle preferences and passion. At AIG, we understand that no two homes are alike and because of these fine distinctions we’ve built a Home and Contents programme that addresses the unique needs of high value homes.

Comprehensive buildings cover

Our cover provides maximum protection for exceptional homes, specifically designed to address the uniqueness of your dwelling or the valuables so carefully chosen within.

Contents cover  

Your contents are automatically covered for up to 50% of your buildings sum insured to prevent underinsurance and to allow you peace of mind. 

All risk cover

Our protection against property damage and loss is one of the highest in the industry, so you can rely on comprehensive insurance and few restrictions.

Newly acquired items

New acquisitions are immediately covered at the time of purchase conveniently allowing you up to 90 days to add the item to your policy (up to 25% of the contents limit).

Worldwide cover

The precious contents you’ve acquired are protected wherever they are in the world.

Extended rebuilding cost

In the majority of cases, if the unexpected should happen and your home is damaged, Private Client Group will pay to have your home rebuilt or repaired to its original state and beauty — even if the costs exceed your policy limits.

Alternative accommodation

If your home cannot be occupied due to a covered loss, Private Client Group will cover reasonable costs for alternative accommodation, within your usual living expenses for up to 3 years. This allows you to maintain a comparable standard of living, without further interruption. Your loss of income if the home is rented will also be reimbursed.

Worldwide personal liability

Our policies provide generous limits of personal liability cover.

At AIG, we understand the success necessary to attain the finest craftsmanship on wheels—and our Private Client Group shares your passion for keeping it protected. We can design an elegant but powerful insurance plan around your driven lifestyle, so you can focus on the road ahead.

The descriptions below are intended as a brief summary only. For full cover details and policy limitations and exclusions, please refer to the Motor Policy Wording or the Policy Summary Key Facts.

Comprehensive cover

We have an appreciation for your unique needs, and know that your lifestyle demands comprehensive cover for your vehicle anywhere within the territorial limits.

Agreed value

Once the value of your vehicle is determined, we realise that you expect nothing less at the time of your claim. In fact, if a total loss occurs, we make certain that no adjustments are made for market depreciation. As you would expect, this does not apply to classic cars.

New car replacement

If your new vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen within two years of its purchase, we offer you choice and flexibility. You can opt to receive agreed value, replace it with a vehicle of the same year, make and model; or receive a new vehicle of the same make and like model (provided you or your family member are the first registered owner of the vehicle).

Hire vehicle provision

To simplify your life and ease your claims experience, we will cover the cost of a temporary car of similar specifications while your vehicle is being repaired or until your theft claim is fully resolved up to £5,000 per occurrence.

Rental vehicle cover

We’ve designed exclusive benefits that respond to your needs. We cover as an insured vehicle any motor vehicle that is rented by you or your spouse. This protection is provided up to 90 days anywhere in the territorial limits and is in excess of any other collectable primary insurance.

Choose your own repairer

Know that your repairs are in good hands. When your car needs repairing, you can choose your own repairer or one of the companies on our recommended repairer list.

Original manufacturers’ parts

You can rely on the highest standards of quality. If repairs must be made, original manufacturers’ parts will be used wherever possible.

Collector vehicles

Whether you own a single collector car or a multi-million priced collection, you can benefit from exceptional cover and service. In addition, we can work closely with you to proactively address any exposures that may threaten the value of your collection. Minimise cover gaps and administrative hassles by packaging collector and regular-use automobiles on the same policy.

Appraiser and restoration referrals

Take advantage of our network of specialists — including appraisers, car transport companies and vintage vehicle restorers—to help maintain the value of your collection.

Risk assessments 

Is there a disaster plan in place at your storage facility? We can provide a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify factors that could threaten your vehicles and recommend steps you can take to safeguard them.

Transit and storage consultation

We can advise on the proper design and maintenance of your storage facility as well as use state-of-the-art technology to detect potential hazards. We also can counsel you on the best methods to move your collection from one location to another.

For details of all of the features and benefits of this product, along with any significant conditions or exclusions, please see the Policy Wording.

At AIG, we appreciate the dedication it takes to build a unique collection of artwork, jewellery, wine, antiques or virtually any other rarities that reflect your personality. We share your attention to detail when it comes to insuring it. Our Private Client Group can curate a thorough plan to safeguard your valued possessions, as if they were our own.

Advantages of our Collections Programme

Comprehensive cover

Insure virtually any fine collectible, knowing that with AIG your items are protected. We cover any property damage or loss due to all risks, including fire, theft, earthquake, flood and breakage — almost anywhere in the world..

Newly acquired items

We automatically cover up to 25% of your policy class limit for items acquired by purchase during the policy period. We understand you need flexibility and time and allow you up to 90 days to add it to your policy.

Market appreciation

We cover up to 150% of the amount you scheduled when you have a valuation of the item carried out within the last 24 months prior to any claim. We realise your private collection is an appreciable asset and as such requires insurance that keeps up with its market value.

Death of artist

If you have a loss to an item by an artist who recently passed away, we cover up to 200% of the amount insured (up to a maximum of £150,000), provided you had a valuation done within the last 36 months prior to any claim.

Defective title

If you have a covered loss, we provide insurance up to £25,000 or 5% of the collection sum insured, whichever is less.

Pair or set

We allow you to choose whether to repair, replace or surrender undamaged items that are part of a pair or set when there is damage to an item in that set or pair.

Items in transit

We understand that fine collectibles need protection while in your hands or in transit. That is why we provide cover for your collections when they are being transported. We also provide complimentary consultations to determine the best transit options available to you to safely ship your unique collectibles.

Items on exhibit, display or loan

We cover your items that may be damaged when moved to or from exhibitions and/or while you have them on display or loan.

Wine cover
Liquid assets are just as important as any other fine collectible. Choose one overall cover limit or insure individual bottles. We also include cover for spoilage due to mechanical breakdown or climate-control systems and breakage.

Managing risk, preventing loss 
In addition to robust insurance cover, Private Client Group can help preserve the value of your collection and keep it out of harm’s way. Our in-house art collection management specialists offer a comprehensive array of services, including:
Cover reviews
Vulnerability assessments
Emergency planning
Appraiser referral services

Superior claims service  Our collection specialists work closely with our claims staff to provide conservator referrals, locate appraisers, review treatment proposals, oversee packing and shipping arrangements and educate them on fine collectibles. If an item is ever lost or stolen, we make every effort to recover it.

AIG understands what yacht ownership means, whether you are cruising around the world or sailing close to home. We’ll manage your risk while you enjoy the serenity of the water. Prepare yourself to experience a safe journey knowing that your vessel is protected when you follow your charted course.

Advantages of our Yacht Programme

All risk cover

Our yacht policy provides broad cover for virtually all types of risks. You can be assured of the same high quality cover for yachts of any size, from small boats to super-yachts.

Worldwide navigational limits

We have the capacity to insure pre-defined or worldwide navigational limits based on your specific cruising plans.

High limits

Your yacht insurer needs to respond to growing exposures. Should your needs require both high hull values and high Protection and Indemnity (P&I) limits, we can create a bespoke and comprehensive package to ensure that the yacht owner is properly covered.

Property cover

Our comprehensive cover not only protects your yacht in the event of a loss, but also covers items such as tenders, fine art, personal property and furnishings at separate lower excesses.

Flexible excess options

We understand your needs can change and that flexibility in cover is paramount. We can adjust your excesses to suit your risk appetite. Assuming more up-front risk may result in premium savings.

Temporary removal and storage

We have crafted terms to cover your yacht’s masts, spars, sails, equipment, tenders, personal watercraft, outbound motors and contents against physical loss or damage while in temporary storage on land, including while in transit to or from your yacht.

Newly acquired yachts

You can purchase yachts with confidence knowing your new yacht or tender will be covered up to 30 days from purchase.

Crew cover

We will pay damages which you are legally liable to pay for injuries sustained by crew members while employed on your yacht.

Environmental damage protection

We reimburse expenses related to pollution and/or marine environmental damage caused by a covered occurrence, up to the Protection and Indemnity cover limit on your policy.

Optional covers

We provide customised solutions that give you other options. Examples include:

  • Employers Liability
  • Longshoremen’s and Harbor Workers Compensation Act cover
  • Crew members medical and emergency travel rescue and assistance expenses

Help when you need it

Whenever you need us, Private Client Group will ensure that you and your yacht receive the utmost attention and expert care — almost anywhere in the world.


Flood Re

AIG is a member of the Flood re scheme. For properties that are eligible for flood cover under the scheme, AIG may choose to cede flood risk to Flood re – effectively acting as a reinsurer to AIG for flood cover.

Flood Re is a new scheme developed by the insurance industry and the Government to make flood cover more affordable for households at the highest risk of flooding. As a result of Flood Re, there should be far more home insurance options available to households like yours, and prices should be more competitive. Flood Re makes no difference to the way you buy your home insurance; you will buy it in the same way you’ve done before. Any claims you need to make will continue to be handled by your insurance company.

For further information about how Flood Re works and what the benefits are please visit where you will also be able to find information about flood prevention and protection.