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The Many Dimensions of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

AIG Emerging Risk Research - In collaboration with Praedicat

Topic Higher Education


April 2018 - In 2015, Adidas announced that it successfully produced a 3D printed running shoe. Adidas reported the “Futurecraft 3D” has a customized mid-sole based on a digital assessment of a runner’s anatomy and running characteristics. At the same time, General Electric reportedly produced a fuel nozzle for its LEAP jet engine via additive material layering which replaces traditional casting and fusing of twenty parts, with a nozzle that is 25% lighter and five times more durable than the traditional nozzle equating to roughly $3M of savings per aircraft, per year. These examples paint a vibrant picture of future manufacturing - highly efficient, customized, localized, waste-minimizing, and technologically driven.

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