Crisis Complete

Businesses of all sizes face a diversity of security incidents.  Crime and terrorism, disruption to supply chain, evacuation resilience, political events and natural catastrophes are just some of the incidents that require a specialist security response to prevent critical business impact.

AIG’s Crisis Complete provides immediate access to world class security experts 24/7 before and after a covered event. It integrates into an organisation’s risk management program allowing gaps in the risk register to be identified and mitigated.

Crisis Complete is a bespoke product, developed through conversations with brokers and clients. It responds not only to actual events, but also to the likelihood or suspicion that an event may occur and, in this way, offers clients’ security teams extended capacity at critical moments.

What is Crisis Complete? 

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Demand for Crisis Complete

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Crisis Complete Deliverables 

From the day that an organisation’s Crisis Complete insurance incepts, they have access to AIG’s in-house security consultants and world leading external vendors.  These include Crisis24, a market leading crisis consultancy and extensive assets provided by its parent, GardaWorld, the world’s largest privately owned private security company.

  • Review of client’s existing security protection and recommendations to ensure necessary insurance coverages and security support services are in place
  • Guidance to the client to comply with different legislation to meet its duty of care and economic and social governance
  • Access to specialist support and effective intelligence analysis tools

  • Rapid preliminary triage investigation of the issue and assessment by security consultants of necessary actions
  • If further action is needed, our consultants are standing by to deploy globally to resolve the crisis as quickly as possible
  • Consultants work with the client to design an effective response strategy
  • Consultants liaise with local and international authorities and provide guidance around local legislation
  • Care and liaison for affected families and colleagues
  • Protection of brand and reputation including maintaining high standards on ESG concerns
  • Deployment of additional specialist resources and a broad range of technical assets to support the intelligence gathering and the response action plan

  • Capture, Detainment or Disappearance events - Abduction, Detention, Disappearance, Hijacking or Kidnapping
  • Criminal Risk events - Assault, Blackmail, Bribe Demand, Bribe Offer, Commercial Retaliation, Criminal Facilitation, Employee Dishonesty, Extortion, Product Tampering, Stalking Event, Suspicious Death, Unauthorised Premises Access or Workplace Violence
  • Compliance, Fraud and Reputation risk events - Agent Duty Breach, Competitor Malfeasance, Contract and Procurement Fraud, Counterfeiting, Defamatory Allegation, Embezzlement, Financial Statement Fraud, Internal Bribery, Malicious Prosecution or Money Laundering
  • Information Risk events - Cyber Attack, Industrial Espionage, Proprietary Information Theft, Social Engineering or Unauthorised Disclosure
  • Political risk events - Blockade, Confiscation, Deprivation, Expropriation, Forced Abandonment, Illegal Seizure, Nationalisation, Occupation or Political Repatriation Event
  • Terrorism and Political Violence events - an Act of Terrorism, Civil Commotion, Civil War, Coup D’etat, Insurrection, Malicious Damage, Radicalisation, Revolution, Riot, Sabotage or War
  • Catastrophic Risk events - an Environmental Disaster, Man-made Disaster or Damaging Natural Disaster

*Coverage can be tailored accordingly


Suspected loss mitigation.  Crisis Complete delivers immediate support and triage after a suspected or likely incident, which can prevent the incident from materialising

Cost and flexibility. The costs of in-house capabilities to manage a wide range of crises may not be financially feasible for many businesses. Crisis Complete enables existing security and risk management teams to flex and access specialist skillsets when required

Global capabilities. Crisis Complete delivers the necessary security coverage to support an organisations’  growth vision either by expansion into new geographies or by diversifying its  business interests.

Contain operational impacts. Crisis Complete helps manage disruption to business either directly or further afield with supply chain interruption.