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There are good reasons to consider Supply Chain Finance

Why Supply Chain Finance?

Supply Chain Finance from PrimeRevenue and AIG is the first solution to make accessing supply chain finance fast, easy and affordable for mid-market companies. It offers all of the advantages of PrimeRevenue’s fully automated supply chain finance platform, while removing the traditional barriers for mid-market companies.

Strengthening the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Finance allows suppliers to sell their invoices for early payment and improve their working capital immediately. At the same time, buyers can offer extended payment terms while minimising disruption to their suppliers, strengthening the entire supply chain.

Access to Working Capital

Access to working capital is the lifeblood of a successful organisation. It can increase profitability, market position and shareholder value. Supply Chain Finance allows both buyers and suppliers to unlock working capital from the supply chain with greater ease and lower costs than relying on bank finance.

AIG and PrimeRevenue

PrimeRevenue is the world’s leading supply chain finance platform provider, trusted by more than 20,000 customers in over 50 countries. Supply Chain Finance is supported by AIG Trade Credit Insurance, providing full protection on receivables, and offers a clean, fast and powerful solution for mid-market companies.


Who is it for?

Mid-market UK and multinational companies seeking efficient access to working capital.


Key Benefits

Supply Chain Finance is the first effective solution to solve a pressing problem for mid-market companies: convenient, transparent and inexpensive access to working capital.

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For buyers, Supply Chain Finance can improve working capital by lengthening payment terms without negatively affecting suppliers. Businesses can remove the risk and costs associated with offering suppliers early payment terms, creating a win-win solution for both buyers and suppliers by bridging the payment terms with financing.

For suppliers, Supply Chain Finance provides businesses with access to cash flow ‘on-demand’. It delivers early payment terms through PrimeRevenue’s simple and user-friendly platform at a minimal cost.

Transactions are transparent, user-friendly and fast thanks to a partnership between AIG and PrimeRevenue, the world’s leading Supply Chain Finance platform provider which processed over $120 billion in supply chain transactions in the last 12 months alone.

PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance platform links seamlessly with all major Enterprise Resource Planning systems and is supported by class-leading customer service and client relationship management. Now, thanks to insurance services from AIG, PrimeRevenue’s innovative funding solution is available to the mid-market for the first time.


How it works

Accessing working capital through Supply Chain Finance is simple:     

  • The supplier sends its invoices to the buyer as usual
  • The buyer approves the invoices and uploads the approved invoice data to the PrimeRevenue platform.
  • At any time, the supplier is able to log on the supply chain finance platform via a web browser to view all the approved invoices. Unless any action is taken, the funds will settle directly in the supplier’s bank account on the original maturity date. Alternatively, the supplier may sell or ‘trade’ its receivables on the PrimeRevenue platform in return for advance payment.
  • If traded before maturity, 100 percent of the invoice—less a small financing fee or discount—is transferred electronically to the supplier’s bank account. In most cases, the supplier is paid on the next business day.
  • Since funds from the financial institution are advanced based on the buyer’s promise to pay on the original maturity date, financing rates are based only on the buyer’s risk, not the supplier’s. Therefore, financing rates can be10 times lower than factoring or other traditional financing solutions.
  • At maturity, the buyer pays the full invoice amount to the supplier or respective funder on the PrimeRevenue platform.

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