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There are good reasons to consider Property insurance from AIG

Extensive, tailor-made cover

Our most extensive protection insurance for your property, which financial losses arising due to an incident at the insured facilities. Importantly, the policy covers damage from any cause that has not been expressly excluded from the policy at the time of arranging cover.

Our strengths at your disposal

We are specialized in providing solutions for medium to large trades and services companies, operating locally and internationally. AIG’s global presence means we can offer programs tailored to specific customer needs anywhere in the world, together with logistical support and local market knowledge.

Who is it for?

Some activities for which we have developed specific approaches:

Hospitality, including hotels, golf and sports centres 

Media and Telecommunications, including transmitters, studios and tower structures)

Infrastructure (sewerage, waste treatment, way communication, supplies)

Manufacture of materials for construction (like glass factories, tiles and ceramic makers)

Real Estate (shopping centers, conference centres, offices, commercial real estate)

Hospitals (hospitals, clinics, personal care centres)

Information Technology (services, development and research)

What is covered?


Property Performance is a sophisticated material damage and business interruption insurance product for high quality, medium to large sized risks across multiple industrial sectors. It offers outstanding benefits to clients and their brokers.


Well managed medium to large risks with proven positive attitude to loss prevention.
Combined Property Damage and Business Interruption sums insured exceeding £50m.
Combined Property Damage and Business Interruption premiums exceeding £50,000.
Multinational businesses with operations in one or more overseas locations.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximises clients’ business continuity with broad coverages, and outstanding claims and loss prevention engineering services
  • Optimised BI cover: BI claims settled on the greater of Gross Profits and Gross Earnings basis
  • No “average” condition and reduced conditions and warranties to simplify and speed up the claims process
  • AIG aims to write 100% of Property Performance risks, allowing us to deliver our claims promise
  • Claims promise: after a large loss we will make a cash advance to our client as soon as possible of 50% of agreed estimate for property repairs, clean-up costs and extra costs to reduce loss, to help cash flow
  • Global loss prevention engineers to help clients reduce loss potential, benchmark their performance against competitors and catastrophe planning


  • Business income loss payable on the greater of Gross Profits basis of loss and Gross Earnings basis of loss
  • All Risks Property Damage cover including:
    • Insured’s own clean up costs
    • Equipment breakdown cover
    • Upgrade to green cover
    • Cyber cover
    • Full theft cover
    • Reduced conditions and warranties (no sprinkler warranty, no security alarm warranty, no stock stillage warranty)

Business Interruption

Client choice of cover - to maximise business continuity
Property Performance gives clients great flexibility after a Business Interruption loss by allowing them to select the most favourable basis of cover. Cover on a Gross Profits basis covers loss of Business Income up to the maximum period of indemnity. Cover on a Gross Earnings basis covers loss of Business Income up to when the property is repaired and the business can resume operation.

Optimising client recovery
The most favourable basis of cover depends on the individual loss scenarios. To ensure your client gets the benefit of this, we undertake both calculations and pay the greater of the two amounts.

When is cover on a Gross Profits basis advantageous?
After a loss, repairs are completed quickly and the business resumes operations but there is an ongoing loss of business income, as it takes time to recover sales lost to local competition. In this situation a Gross Profit basis of claims settlement, covering loss of business income up to the maximum indemnity period may be beneficial to clients.

When is cover on a Gross Earnings basis advantageous?
After a loss repairs take longer than the indemnity period. This can be the case after a local catastrophe creates difficulties sourcing labour and materials, or there may be delays when the premises are not owned and controlled by the insured. In these situations cover on a Gross Earnings basis up to the point where the property is repaired may be beneficial.

Comprehensive package policy that includes ‘All Risks’ on Material Damage, and Business Interruption, Employers’ and Public / Products Liability covers, along with value-added services, like ‘Rehabilitation for injured employees and online Health & Safety training. Learn more >

Material damage & business interruption on an all risks basis.

Our Hotel Product is designed to offer protection to cover the essential property insurance requirements of the modern Hoteliers business, combined with additional cover options beyond. The core cover not only protects the business but also guests and visitors, as well as the Hoteliers' personal possessions.


Hotels with more than 10 bedrooms, both owner-operated/occupied and hotel chains.

Features & Benefits

  • Material Damage and Business Interruption - All Risks coverage including Subsidence
  • Buildings, Contents, Machinery/Plant and Stock
  • Guests & customers personal effects/valuables
  • Works of Art/Antiques
  • Insured’s/resident manager’s household contents - standard cover available, extension for resident family’s contents and Insured’s personal money/ credit cards
  • Landscaped grounds
  • Leakage of Beverages/Fuel
  • Theft including non-forcible & violent from the premises including maintenance, gardening equipment
  • Deterioration of Stock
  • Loss of Gross Revenue
  • Loss of License
  • Outstanding Debit Balances

Business Interruption Extensions

  • Loss of Attraction
  • Failure of Public Supply
  • Notifiable Disease
  • Unspecified Suppliers
  • Prevention of Access
  • Bomb Threat


Optional Covers

  • Terrorism
  • Equipment Breakdown (electrical/mechanical) including boilers, electrical plant, refrigeration (air conditioning, chiller units), lifts
  • Computer Breakdown
  • Liabilities - Employers Liability - Public Liability- Products Liability including US exports- Includes Medical & Vocational Rehabilitation

Property Risk Engineering

Today, the risks to business can seem increasingly diverse and complex. International markets, changing workplace and regulatory frameworks, together with emerging technologies and the development of new working practices and partnerships may all combine to present new uncertainties.

The speed of business activity can also make these risks hard to identify; and control of the exposures elusive. We aim to partner with our clients to mutual benefit via thorough analysis of their business operations and associated risks. Services are delivered worldwide by highly-qualified, property risk engineers well versed in international standards (such as NFPA) as well as local legislation, codes and standards.

Early involvement in development projects to anticipate property protection issues is the key to avoiding expensive retrofits later. Such as, for example, ensuring that sprinkler systems are designed and installed in accordance with appropriate international or local standards and meet the fire challenge presented.

Different sectors and business activities can require different loss prevention strategies and our engineers reflect this with a pragmatic approach working closely with our clients. We draw upon a pool of experienced experts straddling the disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, security and fire protection.  

To help our Commercial Property clients identify, manage and control risks that may pose a threat to their organisation, we have compiled a comprehensive library of plain speaking, best practice documents that go beyond the usual site risk engineering survey. These documents, named Insight, provide an easy to read explanation of a wide range of issues that may affect your organisation and offer best practice solutions to help you manage these risks. You can find them here

If you require more detailed assistance or help to resolve specific Property related risks, please email our Risk Engineers at

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Information for Brokers

Property Performance takes clients’ business continuity capabilities to even higher levels and provides brokers with exciting business opportunities.

We provide the most favourable BI cover depending on the individual loss scenario.



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