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There are good reasons to consider General Liabilities insurance from AIG

What are General liabilities?

Public, products, employers and excess liability.

US risks

We can handle the insurance cover and servicing needs for many businesses with US exposures, from exporters, to businesses with single sales outlets to full scale multi-premises operations. Fully up to date cover, rating and advice provided by specialist US underwriters based in the UK, is backed up by US claims expertise.

International companies based outside the UK

We have the ability to underwrite overseas domiciled companies who want to place their public and product liability insurances specifically in the London insurance market.

Public Finance Initiative and Construction

We can provide 100% coverage and follow lines for primary medium sized Public Finance Initiative construction contracts, including schools, hospitals, office developments and local NHS health centres.

UK-based multinational companies

We are proud of our ability to provide multinational insurance solutions – backed by our global network, and our underwriting, claims and legal expertise throughout the world.

Who is it for?

UK-based and multinational trading companies including trade with the US

What is covered?


  • Public and products liability and employers’ liability
  • Excess liability
  • Inclusive crisis containment, product recall