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There are good reasons to consider Excess Elite insurance from AIG

What is excess liability?

Excess liability protects clients from major incidents that could exhaust their primary insurance protection. We cover Employers’, Public/Products and Motor Third Party Property Damage Liability. In addition we include crisis management cover for up to £100,000 and Medical and Vocational rehabilitation

Where do claims come from?

If clients do experience a claim under their excess liability policy, then it could well be for a large scale incident with severe consequences for many people and organisations, for example a severe accident or a product liability crisis.

Who is it for?

UK-based companies including those with overseas sales or operations, and multinational organisations. For companies with North American turnover the indemnity will be inclusive of costs and subject to a full pollution exclusion. In many cases Excess Elite can also be tailored to cover overseas subsidiaries, however it is not available for companies with no UK connection.

What is covered?


  • Excess Employers’ Liability
  • Excess Public Liability
  • Excess Products Liability
  • Excess Commercial Motor (third party property damage)

Excess Elite is very flexible. It can cover excess public liability, excess products liability, excess employers' liability and excess motor third party property damage. Policy periods can be selected from short term periods of 1 day for individual contracts*.

Limits can be selected from £1m up to £70m and attachment points can be adjusted to the clients' requirements. Minimum premiums start from £375, so Excess Elite can be affordable for companies of all sizes.

*Up to 18 month periods

Brokers can get an Excess Elite quotation very quickly - usually in just a couple of minutes over the phone or online with our quick quote system. Because sometimes clients need to arrange their excess insurance urgently, we’ve made sure we can confirm cover as quickly as possible (so we don’t even need to see the underlying primary wording for instance).

Because it’s so fast and simple to get a quote, it’s easy for brokers to suggest optional limits to clients at renewal.

The wide scope of Excess Elite’s coverage goes a lot further than just topping up the primary insurance. It also provides some valuable additional services for accidents that threaten to breach the primary limits and impact the excess layer.

Excess Elite’s underwriting capacity, up to £70 million scores very highly in our research among brokers, with reports that it offers among the highest levels of capacity available in the market. This is backed up by the skill and expertise of our casualty underwriters. They are renowned for their high authority levels so brokers can speak to decision makers on particular cases and get to underwriting experts throughout our regional branch network.

Excess Elite is designed for a huge range of industrial sectors. We can’t promise we’ll be able to underwrite everything, but please ask us, we’d be delighted to discuss your clients’ needs whatever their trades and occupations.

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