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There are good reasons to consider Accel Elite insurance from AIG

What is Accel Elite?

Accel Elite is a premium employers’ liability product built on the rehabilitation principles of early medical intervention. With a range of added worker safety services, this product is designed to help businesses protect themselves and their employees.

Vocational Consultancy

Our Vocational Consultants enhance the recovery process by providing a comprehensive vocational assessment, coupled with a detailed job analysis, ensuring that employment opportunities are entirely appropriate to the individual’s needs.

Health and Safety E learning Platform

This web based health and safety portal provides your business with access to safety training for employees and managers. Toolkits are available for most safety requirements and the training module range is substantial. In addition the system is accredited by Rospa, training is competency based with individual record creation, managers can review their team and training progress and the system can be tailored to your risks and your industry.

Medical Rehabilitation

Medical Rehabilitation is provided to employees injured or made ill at work, regardless of fault and at no additional premium cost. When we are notified about a workplace injury or illness we assign a case manager who supports sick and injured employees by coordinating medical services, liaising with insurers, lawyers, GPs, consultants and keeping the patient informed.

Casualty Risk Consulting

Access to our unique consultancy approach which provides tailored solutions to worker safety risks or concerns. Gaining insights from data analytics, technology and expertise, we develop innovative, cost-effective risk solutions that go beyond regulatory requirements to identify and address your unique safety needs.

Employment Related Accident Benefits

Immediate cash payments from £50 to £10,000 for wide range of injuries at work. Payments made quickly regardless of fault.

Focus on new Health & Safety sentencing guideline 2016


In November 2015, the Sentencing Council published the definitive sentencing guideline for health and safety and corporate manslaughter offences. It is primarily aimed at improving consistency and proportionality of sanctions against companies and individuals across England and Wales’ criminal courts, by providing a 9 step formulaic approach to sentencing calculation.  


It’s also expected to act as an incentive for continuous focus on health and safety matters at boardroom level, with the potential for increased fines and prison sentences. The guideline comes into force for cases heard after 1 February 2016, irrespective of when the accident occurred.

Read our briefing paper, in collaboration with Plexus Law




This new guideline is perceived by law practitioners as the most dramatic change in health and safety enforcement since 1974. It is anticipated to result in tougher punishments for large organisations and for individuals found guilty of careless offences.

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From the 1st February 2016, courts will be required to closer examine offences based on their exposure to risks. This is likely to result in escalating consequences of offences previously moderately treated, such as directors found negligent in exposing their workforce to a risk of certain death, even though nobody has actually been killed.


Insurers’ liability for criminal fines and penalties varies depending on provisions of public law and insurance contracts’ language, but generally the total cost of such risk cannot be transferred to insurance, exposing businesses to uncovered financial burden in case of serious offence or accident.


Our Casualty Insurance products are designed to “Bring on Healthier, more Prosperous Lives by Keeping Businesses, Workers Drivers and Patients Safer” and our Casualty Risk Consulting experts are at the forefront of this service.

Our team of consultants can help and support your business prevent accidents and offences happening in the first place, stay away from potentially uninsured heavy consequences and reduce the total cost of your liability risks as an employer or a director.

Who is it for?

Employer's liability insurance is for UK domiciled businesses

What is covered?

Employer's liability insurance protects businesses against the costs of compensating employees who are injured in the work place as a result of an employer’s negligence. It also covers associated costs such as claimants' legal fees and the costs of defending the action. This insurance will normally provide protection against the cost of defending prosecutions of the insured under health and safety legislation with regard to incidents relating to employees.