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There are good reasons to consider CyberEdge from AIG

Preventing the domino effect

Data leaks and data losses can lead to regulatory fines and PR nightmares, while attacks could lead to shut-down servers and loss of both confidence and profits. AIG understands this and provides a package of protection that includes insurance and specialist advice.

24/7 response

Our CyberEdge Breach Response Team will access information assurance experts as well as a leading law firm to offer consultancy that can respond in a crisis and help our clients take the best course of action.

Fines and investigations cover

This includes data administrative investigations and fines from data protection regulators that are insurable at law

Protecting reputations

Cyber incident response services include PR repair of company and individual reputations, breach coaching and any breach of information notification and monitoring costs

Electronic data cover

This includes data restoration, recollection and recreation following a security breach or data leak

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. Organisations will face the prospect of significantly increased fines and mandatory notification requirements. If it’s not already, the GDPR will make data protection a boardroom level issue and will force organisations to closely examine how they would respond to a data breach.

Who is it for?

Today almost every business is depending on their critical data. CyberEdge is suitable for consideration by most organisations.

What is covered?

CyberEdge is a modular policy that allows businesses to select cover options that reflect the risks they face. The cover modules listed below embody our most forward thinking solutions to cyber risks and represent the increasing reliance organisations are placing on their computer networks while also addressing the evolving manner in which criminals are exploiting technology.

First Response
When a cybersecurity breach is suspected, most businesses do not have the capability to diagnose the issue and respond swiftly. CyberEdge’s First Response cover provides emergency access to a legal response advisor and IT specialist that can delivery critical support and a coordinated response. No retention applies for an initial period.

Event Management
After a cyber-attack, organisations will require a range of services to get their business back on track. CyberEdge’s Event Management pays for Legal, IT and PR services as well as Credit and ID Monitoring in addition to Data Restoration and Breach Notification costs.

Data Protection & Cyber Liability
Data Protection & Cyber Liability responds to third-party liability claims arising from a failure in network security. This includes cover for defence costs and liability claims resulting from the breach of confidential information along with cover for defence costs and insurable fines incurred during a regulatory or PCI investigation.

Network Interruption
Almost all consumer facing businesses now rely heavily on the web for direct sales or customer relationship management, and even traditional industries like manufacturing and transportation require network connectivity to operate efficiently. Network Interruption covers loss of income and mitigation expenses when business operations are interrupted or suspended due to cybersecurity incident.

OSP Network Interruption
Outsourced Service Providers (OSPs) provide a range of valuable services to organisations such as web hosting, payment processing, data collection and storage. CyberEdge’s OSP endorsement extends Network Interruption cover to include losses and mitigation costs arising from an OSP security or system failure.

System Failure
Not all system failures are attributable to a cybersecurity breach, unintentional and unplanned outages can also result in network interruption losses. CyberEdge’s System Failure endorsement extends Network Interruption cover to include losses and mitigation costs resulting from an internal system failure not arising from a cybersecurity breach.

Electronic Data Incident
A cybersecurity breach isn’t the only reason data can be lost or corrupted. Power surges, natural disasters, overheating and physical vandalism can also result in data not being accessible. The Electronic Data Incident extension simply adds another insured event to the Event Management section of a CyberEdge policy and covers accidental damage or destruction of a company’s computer system.

Digital Media
In a fast moving digital environment, it is now easier than ever for companies to inadvertently infringe on trademarks, misappropriate creative material or inadequately check facts. The Digital Media extension covers damages and defence costs in connection with a breach of third party intellectual property, or negligence in connection with electronic content.

Cyber Extortion
Businesses may find themselves the target of cyber criminals who use ransomware to encrypt their data until they purchase a key to unlock it. CyberEdge’s Extortion section covers losses resulting from an extortion threat. This includes ransoms to end an extortion as well as fees incurred from specialist cyber extortion advisors.

Telephone Hacking
In addition to online hacking, businesses also face the risk of phone hacking. Referred to as PBX dial through fraud, this is where fraudsters target telephone systems to make calls to premium rate numbers. CyberEdge’s Telephone Hacking extension covers charges from unauthorised access and use of a business’s telephone system, regardless of whether this is initiated on or off their premises.

Computer Crime
Fund transfer fraud is a form of computer crime where criminals use details obtained from a cybersecurity breach to fraudulently transfer funds from an account maintained at a financial institution. CyberEdge’s Computer Crime extension covers direct financial loss from fraudulent electronic fund transfers arising from a cybersecurity breach.

Goodwill Coupons
Cyber incidents can negatively impact a customer’s relationship with an organisation. Goodwill coupons, such rebates or discounts, can go a long way to reverse that ill-feeling. CyberEdge’s Goodwill Coupon extension provides flexibility to offer customers a Goodwill Coupon instead of Credit and ID Monitoring if confidential information has been breached or if individuals have been unable to access a service due to disruption.

Criminal Reward Fund
A Criminal Reward Fund may be paid for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of individuals who have or are attempting to commit an illegal act relating to cover provided under a CyberEdge policy. This relates not only to hackers and cyber criminals but also includes rogue employees, thus rewarding staff who notice and report suspicious behaviour.

60 Second Cover Guides

First Response coverage provides 24/7 access to a cyber-response team during a security breach or denial of service attack.

Explore all of our cover modules that make up a Cyber Edge policy and why businesses need them through our short animated videos. Click here


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What's Inside CyberEdge

What's inside will help you understand the cover and services included in a CyberEdge policy.

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