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Why go multinational with AIG?

An AIG multinational programme, provides seamless coverage for multinational businesses of all shapes and sizes – and excellent opportunities for insurance brokers to add value to their clients businesses:  improved control, consistency of coverage and local regulatory compliance – supported by the worlds’ largest owned insurance network.

AIGTrade Plus

AIGTrade+ is an innovative trade credit product which combines “ground up” cover with non-cancellable credit limits. AIGTrade+ is easy to set-up and works by connecting to a client’s accounting package, allowing credit limits to be automatically calculated based on real time payment history or set by an underwriter.

Cyber Liability

Our cyber product covers the obvious and less obvious risks facing businesses that deal with electronic information.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Specific, purpose-built worldwide employment practices cover for the entity, individuals, and outside entity directors.

General Liabilities

Public liability, products liability and excess liability insurance delivered by regional underwriting specialists who combine superb technical skill with high authority levels.

Global Limits Manager

A web-based credit management tool designed to set, manage and monitor customer credit limits and ease policy administration using live sales ledger data. This can be supplemented where necessary with status agency data providing a powerful insight into a policyholder's receivables risk portfolio.

Marine Liability

Specialist primary and excess liability covers for third party property damage and bodily injury, for marine related operations.

Portfolio Solutions

Schemes, Preferred Insurer Panel, MGAs and other arrangements where brokers place blocks of business with a single insurer are growing rapidly. Not only can they deliver desirable benefits to customers such as wide cover, competitive pricing and superior service, but they also generate business benefits for intermediaries including enhanced new business acquisition, stronger business retention and cost efficiencies.


Surety Bonds provide protection to clients, both public and private, against contractors’ and service providers’ inability to fulfill contractual obligations, usually as the result of financial failure or technical problems. At AIG Surety we work with those contractors and service providers to mitigate those risks and concerns and guarantee performance.

Trade Finance

Credit insurance supporting structured transactions based on trade receivables.

Alternative Solutions and Product Innovation

There may be times when a company needs to mitigate a substantial risk that is not addressed effectively in the traditional insurance or financial markets.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Our new CorporateGuard offering is the strongest we have ever produced. It's built on our longevity in the sector, our global franchise, our technical expertise and our experience handling more claims against directors than anyone else.

Environmental Impairment

Our range of environmental insurance solutions can address our client’s environmental exposures in a more comprehensive way and include costs that are directly associated to the business such as remediation or the business interruption as a result of that remediation as well as claims brought the business by others – even for environmental damage that’s not caused by pollution.

Global Fronting Programmes & Captive Management

We help companies address non-traditional exposures providing highly customised fronting programmes that apply insurance and capital market strategies.

Marine Cargo

Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit from warehouse to warehouse anywhere in the world.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a corporate strategy dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies with the intent of improving financial performance without the having to create and develop a new entity from the ground up.

Supply Chain Finance

A unique solution helping companies access working capital.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit helps provide the security a company needs to trade domestically and globally by insuring its accounts receivables.


For Brokers

Our Multinational Insights page highlights research among UK based international businesses of between £3m and £75m turnover.

We have concise videos outlining the key themes featuring Professor David Smith from DVL Smith, an independent research company, and Stephen Morton, from AIG’s Multinational Centre of Excellence. There is also a series of briefings that give a close up view of how businesses see their issues today – and tomorrow.

Speak to your local AIG contact to see how we can help. 

Our in depth research shows the journey international businesses make from improvising around local insurance solutions to reaching a tipping point where multinational programmes start to be considered. Read the executive summary of insights >

Businesses arrive at a tipping point where they want to talk with the broker to help them take the next steps towards adapting a multinational programme. Understand how to identify tipping points in this briefing note >

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