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Combining our global capabilities with our expert industry understanding we deliver insurance solutions to energy and energy-related businesses - across oil, petrochemical, power generation and more. Our innovative solutions allow us to draw on our industry insight and experience to offer exceptional products and services.

The energy and energy-related industry throws up infinitely intricate risks. Harnessing it to power our technology driven lifestyle is crucial to our global economy.

Our extensive 30 experience in this industry has advanced our understanding of the often complex legislation, management and governance that this industry faces, resulting in a refined capability to offer specialized insurance solutions to our clients.

Business Travel and Personal Accident

Group personal accident and travel insurance that contains a wide range of cover, is simple to buy and delivers the promised benefits effectively.

Expatriate Care

International private medical insurance for expatriate employees. As well as emergency and routine medical cover, our Expatriate Care policy provides access to an international network of medical facilities and a range of value added services.

Liability Protect

Combines employers’ liability and public/products liability with additional covers and services: helping clients to contain costs, broadening protection and assisting businesses to control the operational risks within their organisations.

Political Risks

Risk transfer solutions to enable companies to manage the overseas country risks associated with international business operations, allowing them to run their operations without worrying about the consequences of disruption following a political act.


Specialist insurance protection for global and local oil & petrochemical, power generation, chemical manufacturing, offshore, construction and boiler & machinery sectors. Makes full use of AIG's global network and resources and in-house loss control and engineering expertise.

Kidnap and Ransom

For any company with employees either travelling to or based in overseas countries, or high profile organisations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a corporate strategy dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies with the intent of improving financial performance without the having to create and develop a new entity from the ground up.


Surety Bonds provide protection to clients, both public and private, against contractors’ and service providers’ inability to fulfill contractual obligations, usually as the result of financial failure or technical problems. At AIG Surety we work with those contractors and service providers to mitigate those risks and concerns and guarantee performance.