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AIG has a long and industry-recognised history of supporting and servicing the aviation sector. Whether the business’ activities relate to airport and ground operations, manufacturing and supply, general aviation or international airlines - we bring over 65 years of experience to the table.

Our deep understanding of the global aviation industry, creativity and sector-specific solutions help us work with our clients as a strategic partner for all aspects of aviation insurance and risk management. We have the expertise, creativity and ability to address virtually any industry related risk. Specialised claims and safety and loss control teams provide outstanding worldwide service to our insureds and their customers, whether helping resolve claims or preventing them from occurring.


AIG is dedicated to addressing the insurance and risk management needs of airlines, aircraft operations and aerospace facilities of all types. We've embraced this mission with consistency and ingenuity for more than 60 years.

Corporate Catastrophe Cover

Provides significant event limit benefits for an organisation if the cap placed on their pension scheme death in service cover is insufficient to pay the contracted amount when a major event or catastrophe affects a large number of employees in a single incident.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Our new CorporateGuard offering is the strongest we have ever produced. It's built on our longevity in the sector, our global franchise, our technical expertise and our experience handling more claims against directors than anyone else.

Expatriate Care

International private medical insurance for expatriate employees. As well as emergency and routine medical cover, our Expatriate Care policy provides access to an international network of medical facilities and a range of value added services.

Pension Trustee Liability Insurance

Provides protection for the trustees, the employees, the employer company and the fund itself against claims brought for actual or alleged wrongful acts in relation to a plan. In addition to providing cover for settlement of an action, CorporateGuard Pension Trustee Liability insurance also provides cover for the costs of defending the action - payable as they occur.

Business Travel and Personal Accident

Group personal accident and travel insurance that contains a wide range of cover, is simple to buy and delivers the promised benefits effectively.

Crime Insurance

Coverages defend companies from losses due to criminal exposures such as fraud and employee dishonesty.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Specific, purpose-built worldwide employment practices cover for the entity, individuals, and outside entity directors.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a corporate strategy dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies with the intent of improving financial performance without the having to create and develop a new entity from the ground up.


Standard and customised commercial lines property products and services to a diverse range of clients - from single site operations to multinationals.